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UPDATED: 07-16-2020

We, War on Corruption, are not apart of any outside organization. While we have worked with organizations, we are not a division of them. Any and all claims suggesting otherwise are purely fictional, we are an independent platform. No organization, outside of our team has control or say over any articles posted by this platform, all claims suggesting otherwise are fraudulant. No outside platform, 501c3, or any other organization/business has or will take accountability for our subject matter, accountability solely resides with WoC.
Update: We associate with organizations of truth, we work with them, also. We work toward unity, to make the overall cause a united force. Anybody who goes against this, is not what we will associate with.
Thank you.
WoC team

In no way can WoC assist in legal actions or proceedings. This means that, as a media platform, we cannot testify, validate, or have involvement in any case that do not directly involve the platform. Should the case involve any person to which we have written about, we are able to direct you to said articles for any needed information.

Disclaimer for post removals:
WoC has the right to remove any postings that are deemed offensive without notice. We do not accept public requests to remove any postings on our page. If there is a post that you feel should be removed, please send us a PM explaining why. We do reserve the right to request further details. This does not guarantee the post will be removed, however. Posts that are screen capped or reshared from other pages are not the responsibility of the WoC team. To get those removed, you need to speak to the initial poster. If we have screen shot a post, you may PM and explain why it should be removed, we will consider the request and get in touch with our final decision. Please, give us 48 hours. After that, please contact us again.
Thank you.


All articles are written factually using any information we have at that time. We are not liable for any false information given to us. However, if proven to be false, we will make corrections to the article. As an independent platform, we do operate in a different way. We do cover “big stories,” but we also cover stories on individuals who may not be covered elsewhere. Rather good or bad, these articles maybe altered with updated/corrected information, or pulled from Facebook, they will not be taken down from our actual site.
If an article is “exposing” a person for any means, these articles will not be removed without a legalized court order from a judge.

In the event that an article exposes a criminal background, be advised that this is legal. A criminal background cannot be displayed for malicious purposes. Any and all articles that we write are for informational purposes. War on Corruption is not at fault, or accepts accountability if an individual chooses to use one of our articles for other purpose than informative. If an article contains your background and you wish to request it be removed, you may send a request to the following email: waroncorruption@protonmail.com. However, a written request does not guarantee that the article/information will be removed.

If the criminal background has been expunged, or judgement on conviction changed, please attach said evidence into the email and the article will be removed or altered to reflect that change of status.


War on Corruption utilizes information that is publically visible. This information may include social media profiles. Under no condition will we release release private information (phone numbers, addresses, etc.) In the event that the platform is maliciously attacked for providing public information, we will not publically address it without first speaking to our attorney. For questions on what sort of information WoC uses, please email: waroncorruption@protonmail.com.

Our website is being geared to block VPN usage. This comes enlight of a recent hacking attempt on the platform. If you are using a VPN, you’ll have to disable it in order to view the content. While we understand how frustrating this is, as a platform, we must protect ourselves from any future attempts.

An independent media platform dedicated to sharing accurate news.

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