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For those of you who have followed our platform for a number of years, you may recall the era prior to our website being a paid site. During this time, we were unfunded and therefore had no means of paying for such luxuries. At one point, however, we did obtain funding and were able to get a paid site, which went far into improving the platform as a whole. So why the paid subscription, after all this time? As some of you maybe aware, in 2016, our lead journalist was the target of a mentally deranged induvial. This person had targeted an autistic woman, at which point our journalist stood up in her defense. In turn, he became the target. The situation ended with this person showing up at what he thought was the home of our journalist (to this day we have not released this video, though we do have it.)
During this time, War on Corruption was funded. However in 2018, we began having issues with that source of funding. While most of the issues began with various hackings, it ultimately ended in mid 2019 when we completely lost our funding. The final blow was an article that we refused to write. We were given a subject, told how we needed to approach it, and essentially “glorify” the CPS/DFS workers, something we clearly were not willing to do. Since losing this funding, keeping the site up has been a challenge. Our journalist has been paying for all platform related expenses, which by the end of the year are around 1k. Due to Covid, things became even more difficult, to the point that we were very close to shutting down all operations recently.
To prevent this in the future, the “WoC” team agreed that a paid subscription maybe the best option/hope in saving the platform in the future. While we understand that we are going to lose followers, the loss is outweighed by the potential gain: keeping the platform afloat. How does this subscription program work, you ask? Let’s break it down:
  1. All previous articles released, prior to the program starting, will remain open to the public. We felt it was better to keep them as they are. The subscription will only effect future articles.
  2. When discussing the costs involving a subscription, various numbers were suggested. In the end, we decided that $10.00 monthly would be cheap enough that people would want to subscribe, but also enough that we could pay for the platform in the years to come.
  3. The more controversial articles will be flagged as “Gold Status,” or paid subscription. While some miscellaneous articles will still be open to the public, most will be placed into this subscription.
  4. All funding from this subscription is to be used strictly for the platform costs. To put it lightly, nobody is being paid from this subscription.
  5. Patreon is strictly for maintaining YouTube and will further assist in platform expenses.
  6. As a Subscriber, you will also have the direct email address to our lead journalist/founder. Rather it be questions, article submissions, etc. You’ll have that direct line available to you.
If you have any questions regarding this new program, you may contact us in the following formats:
General email: (open to all WoC team)

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