Site Updates

Updates that we make to the site will be posted here. Bear in mind, that not all updates will be added here due to security reasons.


Reworked the newsletter system. From this point forward, it will now be fully functional and used.


We have added a paid subscription program. Though we have tried this in the past, we never found anything that really suit our needs until now. Moving forward, you will begin to see articles that will cater to this program. Currently, there are two available programs, Free, and Paid. The free subscription is self-explanatory. The paid subscription is only $2.00 a month and can auto renew if you so wish. Furthermore, it does include a 14 day free trial. Bear in mind, this is still in the testing phase.

Additionally, we have done some site cleanup, primarily with the toolbar, located at the top. We have removed a lot of clutter that simply was not needed. We are going to do additional changes to the site in the near future. Your input is always welcomed. Afterall, it is you guys who keep us going.

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