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UPDATED ON: 09-05-2021

Information we collect

As with most sites, War on Corruption, LLC does collect user information. The information that includes the following:

  1. Email address
  2. Name
  3. Country location
  4. IP address
  5. Credit card information

Why we collect information

The information we collect is no sold, distributed, or given to any third party. The information strictly goes into helping us grow, adapt, and expand the platform. Email addresses are collected for the subscription/newsletter programs. Aside from this, the information is not used.

Your country location is collected to help us better serve our followers. We use this information to determine any increase of followers in any specific region. If we notice this increase, we want to reflect articles that are important to the individuals of that region. Aside from this, the information collected is not used.

Your IP address is collected for any paid subscription or account you may have on this site. This is to protect followers/subscribers from being compromised. Beyond this, we do not utilize the information.

Your credit card information is strictly collected for the paid subscription, we do not store nor have access to this information. No member of the War on Corruption, LLC team has access to this information. This information is collected via third party by Stripe, who handles the subscription payments.

Protection of information

The War on Corruption site utilizes a variety of methods for protecting the information of all users. Among these protections, we have incorporated SSL. To protect more sensitive information, such as credit cards, we simply do not store that information. That information is utilized by Stripe, a third party company (please refer to their privacy policy for additional information. It can be found at: .)

Information Statement

War on Corruption, LLC believes in privacy. As such, the information that is collected, is never used. Likewise, your information will not be utilized for third party distribution. This means that we will not sell, give, or provide information to any third party under any circumstance. The only exception to this policy are law enforcement agencies who have court orders/ subpoena for any information collected.

Even within this exception, only information pertaining to their active investigation is provided. This means that any user who is not specifically mentioned on the court order/subpoena will not be disclosed to any agency without that user’s express written consent or knowledge.

Importantly, we must mention that the only individuals who have access to any information collected are the War on Corruption, LLC administrators. This means that no other team member of the team (authors, editors, etc.,) will be able to access this information.

In the event that our privacy statement changes, we will post a link to the updated policy. This link will be available on all of our social media platforms. Furthermore, it will also be available on the website itself, in the sub-category, located in the “About WoC” tab.


As per the War on Corruption policy, all of our sources are kept anonymous by default, unless otherwise requested. This is to protect our sources from retaliation. The only exceptions to this policy are:

  1. If they are confessing to criminal activity.
  2. Court order has been served.
  3. THreats of terrorism, violence, etc. against the platform or an individual.

Beyond this, under no circumstance will we reveal our sources, this includes to agents within law enforcement.

If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy, you may contact us via email at:

Alternatively, you may send us a message via Facebook messenger.

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