Game over: the con exposed


For many of us, Honey Buhlman is a name that has left many of us appauled.  The now, board member for WINN radio, is no stranger to complaints, fraud, and other forms of questionable deeds. What is worst, WINN founder, Bobby Beesinger, has openly endorsed the fraudulant deeds. It is with this in mind, War on Corruption is among the many who will be exposing these people. But, for all intensive purposes, how about we start with Honey.

Honey Buhlman: GoFundMe Queen


I wish I could say Honey was anything but a GoFundMe professional. But to say that, means I would have to lie. We all may recall such a page for the Dalton family that she had created. However, here is what you may not know. Out of the $175 raised by Honey, the Daltons did not recieve one dime of it. Instead, Honey had used it for medications. Later, the story was changed. In reality, she had defrauded the donors, the media who supported her, and the Daltons who were already being victimized. To say this kindly, she is a predator of the worst kind. Below is her confession.


Initially, when I looked into Honey, I had noticed an ungodly amount of GoFundMes in her name. Why? She claims to help families, but as we know, the Dalton family is still awaiting that help. Her idea of helping them, send her goons to harass Rosemary. This brings us to our next Special little cupcake, Bobby.

Bobby Beesinger: WINN cyber terrorist

Recently, as most of us know, Honey was exposed on the KNTN radioshow. Host, Tim Skomo, was enraged by the fact that none of the money had reached the Daltons. And why not? He did donate and therefore his anger was justified. As a result of this show, Rosemary was confronted by a very slow Bobby. His angle? Prevent the already completed show from airing, that worked well.

By this point, the show had already been archived onto Tim’s site. However, Bobby still used various forms blackmail, threats, and bullying tactics to get Rosemary to bend to his will. What this special cupcake had failed to realize is this, Rosemary had nothing to do with this show airing. Below, for documentation, I will post portions of the said conversation.



imageThe words of an unethical bully. This is just a small portion of his tyranny against Rosemary and her organization, MAFA, LLC. An unethical coward who bullies women, knowing full well, the woman he is defending has earned her stripes. Since this conversation, Bobby did make a public slandering, broadly displaying his cowardly colors. This post is below. You may view a commentary post, which includes his post, here.

What this is, is nothing short of a sick lack of morals, ethics, and intgrity. The two slimeballs, I discussed prey on the weak and feed off of their fear. What’s worst, they are not alone. But I am fine with that as I am not alone in this new form of corruption. I strongly advise caution if interacting with these two people, as I also advise you to conduct your research.

Victims victimized

The worst thing in the world, for many of us, to think that our children would ever be harmed. As parents, we strive to protect our young ones as best we can. However, sadly, we are not always able to. Sadly, sometimes our children are brutally harmed. Recently, you may recall a story about a 14 year old mother. This mother had a child due to a rape. But I won’t go into that as it is all over the internet; I want to deal with the bigger problem.

As we all know, CPS with their police henchman, illegally abducted this mother’s infant. No warrant, no probable cause, and no reasonable effort was made. At 52 hours of age, these predators made their move on this family. What was very obvious is CPS has 1, a complete disregard for victims; we saw a similar mentality in the Dalton case. 2, they have a complete disregard for your Federally protected rights.

We have the right to be secured in our persons. This is one if many rights CPS, and clearly the police, fail to realize. Recently, our MAFA, LLC, journalist contacted the police department. Below, is the actual conversation.


As you can tell, upon being questioned, he was blocked from sending messages. Why? Perhaps they are attempting to cover their deed. Furthermore, he attempted to call only to get the runaround. Apparently holding them accountable is not an option.

Because of the media attention, CPS has now began playing a new game of dirt ball. They now claim that the children were removed due to a predator living at the house. I question this as it was clearly no issue prior to this infant being born. In fact, I doubt the story completly. One reason being is due to the fact the grandfather is a retired cop. The other, because the rapist does not live in the home. Basically, we have a psychopathic agency using slander to violate this young girl’s family.

Everything, in the above image is false. In reality, they kidnapped this child, her infant, and her brother. what is not shown above, is where they are claiming the brother is the rapist, this is also false. The rapist is a 19 year old unknown male who is currently, according to sources, sitting in jail.

The shady tactics of CPS know no bounds. If we are going to unite and fight this corrupt system, NOW is the time. How many more victims must be revictimized? How many more families must be slandered before we rise? These questions, I ask to all of you. Please think about them.




CPS: Selective protection


Katrina Kennedy, Image taken from Facebook


Recently, an abuse video of a young child went viral. The mother, Katrina Kennedy, can be seen beating, threatening, and even throwing various objects at her infant son. Now, I don’t need to go into the remaining video as I am aware of the odds that you already know of it. However, if not, the link is here. Now, I have an issue with this mother, a huge issue to be accurate.  This woman threatened to murder this three year old, she beat this child, why? over a cellphone charger. Let that soak in for a minute. Now, here is the bigger problem.


Taken from her Instagram

(Note the bruising on Romeo’s shoulder and face)

Recently, I covered a CPScase  involving the Dalton family. Their daughter, Kasandra, was being stalked, harassed, and even abducted by an El Hadji Mohammad Cici. When the parents finally located her, because the incompetent police refused to assist, they immediately took her to the hospital. Against the wishes of the family, the hospital refused to do a simple rape kit on the young 16 year old. Instead, they called CPS who was more than happy to destroy this family; worst part is, this family is a registered tribal family. For more details on the initial events, feel free to read the article, “Missouri vs the tribal nation.” So, in this case, CPS and the police had no problem destroying a family, and yet a three year old was not worthy?

To me, this is simply unfathomable. The Dalton family was going bankrupt because of CPS, facing foreclosure, couldn’t afford services mandated by CPS, and were looking at losing their utilities. Meanwhile, their daughter, who was already a victim of a pedophile stalker, gets further trauma and abuse. Why? Simply because in our country, no family is sacred. Although the parents acted correctly, did what they were supposed to do, CPS just couldn’t help but take another easy case. This agency destroys innocent families while people like Ms. Kennedy are free to verbally abuse, physically assault, and even threaten her children! So who is Katrina Kennedy?

Ms. Kennedy is a  27 year old mother WITH a CPS history. Although, in reality we can shrug that part off, we cannot ignore the fact that this child has been an abuse victim since birth. The small portion of Romeo’s life, which is displayed within the video, is only but a glimpse into his actual nightmare. CPS has been repeatedly called on this young mother due to extreme abuse, and yet CPS has willfully ignored the complaints; the same goes to local law enforcement. How is it that a mother, who has done nothing wrong loses her child and yet an abusive mother does not? Could this be a look into the racial tendencies of not only our law enforcement, but CPS? After all, it is no secret that a child’s race determines their likelihood of being adopted out.

So, because of CPS and the Colorado police, little Romeo has been allowed to live in a horrid nightmare. Although many people had come to his aid over the past few years, no action had been taken. So, with that said, this video got the attention of the entire nation. together, we pressured these corrupted agencies into protecting that child; in reality, Katrina would most likely be at home right now if not for the countless activists. Because of people like you, this woman has not only been arrested, she also faces several charges. However, there are a few charges that I feel need to be added: Aggravated assault, Assault with a deadly weapon, Felony child abuse, and neglect. I believe these will give her the much needed justice she deserves. Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it, just watch the video.


UPDATE: Youtube has removed the video, but I know it is still online and will repost link once I locate it.

Missouri vs. the Tribal Nation: Conclusion



This is an article that I have long awaited to compose. In the last dozen articles, I had revealed an absolute horror story, CPS corruption in its absolute purest form. But, most of you already know of these tragic events. However, for those who may not, time to do a quick recap.

El Hadji Mohammad Cici, coined the Dalton stalker, had been stalking 16 year old, Kassandra. When she had rejected his advances, he went ballistic! He began texting her family (most which can be seen in the previous articles,) driving by their home and school, and even abducted her! This man is a criminal who walked out of court a free man.

So what has happened since my last article? Well, after posting images of his workplace, from what I am told, people began calling it. It doesn’t end there. People would request a different cashier, refuse to go to his line, and even question management as to how they could hire a sexual child predator. Needless to say, Mohammad has since been terminated from this location. To that, I tip my hat to all of you who made that possible. Mohammad has also apparently fled his home; his location remains unknown as of this time.

For the Dalton family, Kassandra was finally released to go home. As for the tribe, whose rights were violated, they are taking this matter to Federal Court. The Dalton family are planning a federal lawsuit, all while trying to repair their broken family. Sadly, this case has also shown the true colors of a variety of people. Rosemary takes it as a lesson learned in regards of who her true friends are. We, War on Corruption, couldn’t be agree more.

A rogue advocate?


An advocate, an activist, these are the things Dana Lawhon are well known for. With her, as with most who reside within the world of CPS fighting, she has become subject for debate; and for good reason. While she prides herself as an advocate and activist, she has a very dark aspect to her.


A lot of people have become aware of the page above. Although it is only speculation as to who operates it, War on Corruption set out, upon request, to conduct an investigation into the possible founder. What we had learnd is this: there has been, upon several occasions from Ms. Lawhon, instances of harmful statements regarding Ms. Pfeiffer. As an adcocate, it is expected that one maintains a beneficial image. When that image is tainted, we expose that corruption. Here is what we found.


As it turns out, even in recent years, Ms. Lawhon has been subject of various criminal charges. These charges range in subjects from restraining orders, assault, to neglect. As an investigative journalist, I have great concerns regarding these charges, afterall, it is our children she advocates for.


While a criminal history is often a said and done deal. Ms. Lawhon clearly has skeletons of her own; the same to which she condemns others for, and thus got my attention. This leaves this journalist asking, “how does a woman with this background point out another’s?”


There is, and should be one lesson from this: if you plan to expose the past of others, somebody will always expose yours. While she has been busy doing this, “exposing” others, she had done well in maintaining her own secret dirt. Of course, that was prior to her own exposure…


BY Geri Pfeiffer

Court appointed means just exactly that: another tool the court uses to steal your children. In my opinion they are as worthless as the proverbial breasts on a boar hog.

A court appointed attorney receives a one time fee ($250.00) for representing you in your case. From….yep….the very court that is trying to permanently remove your children. Funds that come to the court from Title IV (the child welfare act and the federal adoption incentive). So don’t bother wasting time pondering why this fully licensed attorney is standing there doing nothing…that is what he is being paid to do. Remember that $250.00 fee is about what a good attorney makes in one hour. You can hardly expect them to perform well for you based on that fact alone…and then there is the added pressure of aggravating the judge. That attorney may have to appear in front of that judge many times in the course of his/her career and it does not take rocket scientist to figure out that an attorney does not want to get on the wrong side of a judge early in a law career. In fact I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a bigger pile of a__ kissers together in one place, as in a family courtroom, on the Let’s Terminate Parental Rights Day that every family court has every week, in every courtroom, in every county, in every state, in our once great country. I will give credit to a good court appointed attorney, if I ever find one, but so far that number, in my research, is a big fat zero! They are pathetic, one and all, because their boss is the judge who is trained and paid to forcefully remove your children from you, FOREVER.

By appointing you that attorney, the judge is fulfilling requirements of the federal adoption incentive and Title IV funding. That is all! It is not to defend you or help you win your child back. The court appointed attorney has the same value to you as the CASA, the GAL, the court ordered psyche evaluation, the parenting classes, and the individualized service plan. Every one of those items is designed to help you fail in your quest to bring your children home. Actually private attorneys do not have much more success in bringing a child home than a court appointed, they talk nicer and they take a lot more of your money, but that’s about it.

My contempt for unscrupulous attorneys is endless. They prey on a sector of people who can least afford them, and they are ruthless about getting that money. Now I’m sure there are a few of you who can say you have had success, but the vast majority of parents lose their kids. The system is rigged. The judge, DA, attorney (court appointed or private), CASA, GAL, and every other “professional” associated with this process is as corrupt as the day is long. Do not look for justice in the family courts of America because you will not find it. The family court process is designed for failure…your failure. If you get your kids back you are blessed or lucky.



Geri has been an advocate for families for a number of years now. Through articles, acrivism, etc., she brings awareness to the CPS agenda with the hope of saving families the grief that comes with having their children #Taken. Geri is also known for contacting various polititions via phone, Facebook, and Twitter.

Legault family: Foster concerns

When CPS places a child into custody, they have an obligation to protect the children; often times, this is not so. The more disturbing aspects are the types of people who often take these kids. Now, I won’t go into the background story of the Legault case. However, you can read it here. This article is based on what evidence I have obtained from the Foster dad’s Facebook page. This is unbiased, and my conclusions are based upon the images I have seen.


When viewing the above image, I had found this to be disturbing in mamy ways. First, note the initial post by the foster parent, Kevin. While running around the house naked is not illegal, keep in mind that he has children in this home. Now, the most disturbing aspect of this image is not what is on top, but his comment on the bottom.
Kevin Long states, “Trying to stay off the sex offender registry as long as possible.” Let that sink in for a moment.

The comment has me wondering if this man is sexually assaulting these children for whom he cares for. For any man to make this sort of statement, especially when children are involved, one can only raise an eyebrow. If anything, assuming he is not a sexual sadist, it does show a lack of control.


The picture above contains a screenshot. Within this screenshot, we can see some of Kevin’s “interests.” Now, I understand how everybody likes a little pleasure in life. But, when you add this to his sex registry comment, this begins to look very questionable also. Thus far, it appears that we have some sort of sexual deviant, has foster kids, and is trying to prolong the time it takes for him to be on the sex offenders list; in essence, this looks very damning against, not only the foster parents, but CPS as well; However, I will let you draw your own conclusions.

The secret internet


A world exists online but, chances are, you know nothing of it. I am not talking about some Government conspiracy, pedophile site, or even a hidden murder site. No. I am talking about an online community of cannibals. It is something that most of us never think about, the media never discusses it. However, it is very active as well as disturbing.


Above, is an archived site. This site existed from 1998-2002 when German officials shut it down via DDOS. Now, the image alone seems fairly desent for a cannibalistic community. However, do not allow the image mislead you. So do these communities still thrive? In short, yes.



In the images above, you can see several highly disturbing topics. In fact, one reads, “ok i’ll be happy to eat you.” Now, if you do not fully understand what you are seeing, I will explain; you are warned, this is graphic.

On this site, there are two types of people, from what I can see. One group consists of men and women who have a cannibalistic fetish; the other group wants to be eaten. Yes, these are people who actually have a fetish of being devoured by another person. With this in mind, how has this, and other similar sites remained unnoticed? The simple answer is, they do not bring a lot of attention to themselves.

Because of the taboo topic at hand, most of these sites are not looked up often enough to bring attention. Let’s face it, not many people go around looking up canmibal communities. Furthermore, not many journalists, cannibals, or those who research it, are open to discussing it; I am taking that bold move. This is a very dark realm of our internet, and it has been hidden in plain sight. The fact that it is so elusive, so taboo, have done well in protecting these sites like these. However, I must wonder, with the shroud of secrecy, how safe are the unknowing people who cross them?

A means for a stalker


Remember this man? If not, let me explain who he is and why he is so important. First, recall the various articles that have been written about the Dalton case. 20yo El Hadji Mohammad Cisse (El Mo Ci,) was stalking a young 16yo girl. When she denied his advances, he went to the extreme. Thus far, his victim, and her family’s lives are in shambles. Why? Mohammad attempted to abduct his young victim, after nearly eight hours, the family had located her. I won’t go into to many details as they are already floaring about.



Above, are pictures of the school’s sides. We know, Mohammad tried to abduct her from the side of the building. What is unknown, is which side. Above, are the two possible locations for the abduction. As a result of this abduction, a restraining order, which Missouri threw out, was filed. Upon learning of this filing, Mohammad did what any insane stalker would do; he got a job right across the street from the school.

Stalker’s workplace.

Now, I have marked two locations on this image. The first, is a grocery store where the stalker works. The second, the victim’s school. Students often go to this store, where Mohammad currently works, to get food. Now, he is stalking a minor student of this school. With that in mind, one must ask, “are these children really safe shopping there?” My vote is no.

As you can tell, this store is very close to the school. For a psychopath, it is easy to keep watch on his prey, his victim; and yet Missouri, who currently should be protecting this child, has willfully refused to do so. Why? My theory is they are protecting their CPS case, and thus protect their financial gain. To protect the case, they must protect their witness. The worst part is what this statement says. It says that non citizens, who are in our country, have more rights than native born citizens. With this, I question the state, it’s officials, and it’s compentency to protect any child.

The harassment toward his victim has not stopped. Daily, when the victim awaits for her cab, Mohammad pulls up, and harasses her. Below, is a picture of the harassment site.


It appears, the girl is not safe anywhere. In fact, it is very likely that her life is in danger; and yet Missouri does nothing aside fabricate stories on the victim. These images bring fourth a lot of questions and concerns. At this point, I do not believe it is if Mohammad will do something, but when. Somehow, somebody has to protect this child. If the state won’t, the family, at the moment can’t, than who? Us. The media, the people, we must protect this child and her family. Not only because of the corruption, but because this could be your child, your family.

UPDATE: We have confirmed that point A, shown above, is the actual abduction point.

NOTE: victim’s name is not mentioned due to current legal circumstances.

Missouri vs the Tribal nation: stalker update


You may recall an article that regarded the stalker of Kassandra Dalton. Recently, I have come across a conversation between Mohammad and his victim. In the conversation, posted below, he admits to willfully destroying her life. Furthermore, he takes full responsibility for Kassandra’s leg. However, the most damning confession, is his twisted idea of love for the young 16yo; bear in mind, he is 20yo.



His inability to comprehend English, as shown above, is outstanding. Also, notice he states that he will do anything to stop her from going home.


His second comment to her has me concerned. Note two things here: the date and her reply.


Above, we see his “love” for the child. If you recall, I said to take note of the date; now, this was sent the following day. What is being displayed here, is a very dangerous man. The concern we should all have, how far is Mohammad willing to go? And, of course, why are the police protecting him?


The reason why the police would protect him is simple. Mohammad is the man who made the CPS complaint. Although there is more than enough evidence to make an arrest, it would destroy the CPS case. By allowing this pedophile to walk, the corrupt police are making money off of the Dalton case. Furthermore, their CPS friends make money; of course, this is my theory.


Remember, when you read this article, these images. The St. Ann and Woodson Terrace, Mo. police have allowed this man to walk since last August. I am perplexed by the concept that this department is unwilling to do their jobs. As a matter of fact, they have targeted the victim’s family. I ask that this article spread across the internet as well as call these departments and inquire about their lack of action.


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