Cyber trafficking

Disclaimer: due to the nature of the discussed site, we have opted to withold its name and url. We are currently trying to find ways to have taken down.

With the internet, comes information unlike anything we have ever seen. Cultures, religions, recipes, there are trillions of things that are just a click away. However, hidden within all of this information, literally in plain sight, is the world of child trafficking.

Recently, a site has caught the attention of several “pedo hunters.” The site, much like photobucket, is a place where anybody can share anything…we mean anything. While you will see pictures of nature, families, and so on, this site has a more sinister side to it.

If you were, for example, to click into specific categories, such as “kids,” you are instantly brought into a pedophile sharing page topic upon topic of illegally exploited children. It is, for this reason, we are witholding the url.

The website in question has children ranging from infants to 18 years of age. The images, can become extremely graphic in nature. Children seen in sexually based stances, the comments applauding the abuse. So, why has nothing been done?

Because the website is based outside of the United States, it limits the ability our government has to shutting it down. The only thing we could do, in reality, is report it to that countrys’ authorities; a procedure that can become very complicated in nature. But, then there is the more disturbing reason: nobody has actually taken the time to report it.

Websites such as this are not only becoming more common, they are becoming more bold. Normally, people are lead to believe these sites solely exists within the “dark web.” However, this is not true. Sites such as this, are hiding in plain sight, waiting for unsuspecting people to click into them.

However, it doesn’t end there. With apps such as kik,, etc. the availability of plausible child victims has increased. Kids, who may just want to livestream their daily events, are finding themselves preyed upon by deviants. Through coarsion, fear, and blackmail, these innocent kids are lead into the underground world of the internet.

Child predators often use such tactics to get everything from nudes to physical meetups with children. In some cases, children are forced into the human trafficking world. In cases such as this, they are often never found.

This isn’t just about internet safety, this is about making people aware, to open their eyes, and to protect their children. This is just an example of why every parent should teach internet safety and restrict the content visible to their child(ren.) Yes, the above site does exist, and yes it is not alone. You do have the key to shut sites like this down, utilize it.

Girl rapes dog, police do nothing

A rather contraversial, and taboo, subject is beastiality. For Amy Lynn Lew, aka Whitney Wisconsin, it is just daily life. Initially when we got this case, we had turned it away. The reason was, because upon investigation, we confirmed Amy to be a legit. We decided to contact police, in response.

Initially, when we looked into her, we were at the conclusion that she was a cyber troll seeking views and reactions. And so, we did a widespread search on her. Naturally, we found her contraversial Youtube videos discussing why women should commence in beastiality. And then, to our dismay, we found her beastiality videos.

For instance, in one such video, a dog is seen licking her genitalia. At first, we weren’t sure if it was her, how do we prove otherwise? Near the end of this video she pans the camera revealing her face. At this point, we had all the evidence that we needed.

During my discussion with the Eau Claire police department, I had learned several disturbing facts. According to the officer, they currently have had over 500 calls regarding “Whitney.” However, that wasn’t the worst of it.

Upon thanking me, he leaked out some very disturbing information. As it turns out, the department has been aware of these sick videos for nearly two years! It is, at this point, I realized the department opted into doing nothing regarding the animal abuse.

It amazes me that any department would allow this criminal act to go on. It blows my mind that it would be ignored for nearly two years. What this young woman is doing is appauling. However, it is equally so that the police have taken no action against her.

Advocate wars: reflection

DISCLAIMER: This article is, in no way, discussing any individual parties. It is purely an observational article. The opinions of this article may not reflect that of the entire WoC team.

In recent times, we have all beared witness to what has to be described as the worst “advocate” war in recent history. Anon vs. anon, entire organizations halted, people being slandered beyond repair. All of this for what purpose? In what way has this “war” helped anybody?

The first thing we must understand is the core of this war. This war can be broken down into two teams. On one side, we have a team that “exposes” members of the other team. However, we have members of the other team doing the same. Because of this, a fuel is constantly being thrown into the already burning fire.

So if this war is constantly going on, if people are constantly envoking fear, slander and threats to one another, who is protecting the overall cause? Simple answer: nobody. How can anybody be for protecting children if they cannot even unite? Looking into the fire, one can easily tell that CPS and the corrupt system is more united than those allegedly fighting it.

While advocates, organizations, and anons alike, wage war on one another, the system gains momentum, human trafficking goes unnoticed, CPS abducts kids…the atrocities go on and on. Worst part is, those fighting these crimes are to focused on pettyness.

The overall war may as well be described like this: a group of kids want to play on the merry-go-round. However, everybody wants the orange colored seat. What happens? There is nobody to push it, all the weight is on one side, it becomes off balance.

Everybody has a place, a role. Everybody has a responsibility to that place and role. So far, it seems like everybody is concerned with what the other person is doing. Stop, who cares? Worry about your fight against the real corruption. Worry about victim children. Stop making victims, stop the petty name calling, and just do you.

Facebook: war on innocence

If you have been on Facebook for any length of time, chances are you already know that they optionally enforce their policies. And why not? They are the biggest social media platform on Earth. Not a big deal, right? Wrong!

Because of the random enforcement of their policies, numerous crimes are conducted via their platform daily. While some of these crimes are minor, some are very serious crimes. Just to name a few: drug trade, human trafficking, child pornography, bullying, and various forms of terrorism.

While drug trading is a crime, it isn’t one worth discussing in this article. However, we are going to discuss human trafficking and child pornography together. The reason we are combining them is purely due to how they relate.

If you search around on Facebook long enough, eventually you may come across some “kiddie” groups or profiles. Often times these groups are closed, some are secret, but once in awhile you find an open group. 

Over the years I have come across hundreds of these groups. I did what any rational person should do, I reported it to Facebook. So, I did a great deed, I helped some family whos’  children were being preyed on. But, Facebook actually allowed the group to remain.

And so, because Facebook is so poorly operated, this message is what you will get. However, this doesn’t happen to just groups, this also applies to other victims.

Another area to which we see the piss poor operations of Facebook, is in the harassment/bullying arena. In many cases, you get the standard “we aren’t doing anything about it” message. In other cases, we have seen the bully report the victims’ profile successfully; this sends a huge message. This message is simply: 

If you break the law while using Facebook, don’t worry, we are on your side. However, if you are a victim, you are not subject to be protected while on our site.

Regardless of the proven, and yet dangerous effects this has, Facebook remains selective on how its policies are enforced.

The reason is simple, however. Facebook makes X amount of dollars per profile/page. So, the more they have, the more money they make. In theory, the more money you make Facebook via posts, pics, etc., the less likely they are to enforce policy on you. Simply put, they want you to make revenue for them.

With the rising of social medias such as “MeWe” and “empowr,” it is very plausible that Facebook will soon have a run for its money. That, however, does not phase them. For right now, the mega giant continues its poor enforcement and management of its policies.


This is a small portion of the evidence obtained from Mr. Worland’s “The truth is out.” He has a current EPO (Emergency Protective Order) in effect against him, he has violated this order, directly and via third party, daily.

This post was done just one hour after being asked to delete this video. His claim that the video is retracted is false as you can clearly see it is an active link.
Becky Kemble attempts to bait me into deleting a video. An hour later, I found out why.
Notice the date in contrast to Phil’s threat. His threat was on May 1, 2017.
This threat was on Law day, hosted by M.A.F.A LLC. While Rosemary Dalton prepared for it, Phil began his campaign of terror.

Police determined this to be a threat of harm. This image is what got the EPO

Phil replies rudely to Rosemary.


It seems that nearly every activist, at one time or another, has conducted an “Op.” Well, recently I had my turn. Recently, it was learned that M.A.F.A had an issue with information going to people who wish to harm the organization.

In order to confirm who the “leak” was, I decided to spoonfeed a mix of false and truthful information. During this time, I decided it was best to keep it quiet. I did this because of the amount of stress everybody was under.

So, I had spoonfed this information. During this conversation, multiple subjects and people were brought up, naturally I went with it. My mindset was to gain trust; it failed in the end.

What I didn’t realize was this, while I was baiting the person, that person was also baiting me. And so, without even realizing it, the intel trained rolled on. Screenshots, that could easily alter meanings, began to circulate. The wrong people had caught a small portion of me attempting to protect a friend, while avoiding making it obvious.

However, the information did come back to me. While some accurate, most was twisted. But, all of this has nothing to do with why I am really writing this article. In reality, I am going to discuss something entirely different.

About a year ago, I had hit some very hard times. As a result, Rosemary Dalton and her family allowed me to stay with them. Although there is a rumor about her “extorting” money from victims, I can honestly say that is a lie.

While up there, she helped me obtain a job with her husband. I did what I could because it was beyond my physical ability, but it gave me some spending money as I looked for further work.

While there, I got to meet dozens of people that she had helped. Dozens of kids called her “mom,” and people, in general just loved her. For awhile, I began to wonder if I lived with a Saint. While there, I felt like I was apart of a family, even if it wasn’t mine.

Because of my time with her and her family, I had made new friends, for me that is a challenge. However, they were all very accepting of me; I felt like I belonged.

My attempt to help her recently backfired in a way that it never should had, in a way I wish it hadn’t. This is apart of being human, make a mistake and own it; that is why I am writing this. Sadly, I did confirm who is and is not my friends. I am not worried about my enemies, most don’t truly know me. My friends, however, meam the world.

Official WoC statement regarding Mr. Worland

As a child victim of Child Protective Services (CPS,) it has always been my passion to help victimized families. I fight corruption with my media platforms, WoC and former MAFA LLC medias. The MAFA media is why this statement is being written.

Recently, “United Bikers for Unjust Causes and Tragedies” founder and president, Phil Worland, began a smear campaign against M.A.F.A LLC president, Rosemary Dalton and myself. In this Libely slanderous campaign, Mr. Worland allegies that Ms. Dalton was hiding a pedophile. The alleged pedophile was me.

However, this was innacurate as I am not on any sex offender list. Evidence taken from a State website below.

The site I attempted to pull my nonexistant name is based out of Oklahoma, where Mr. Worland claimed I am on the registry. However, by his own admission, he came after me for protecting MAFA and Rosemary from his smear campaign against her. However, as shown, Mr. Worland knew he was giving false information.

By his own admission, and for the third time, he admits to giving false information. First, Mr. Worland alleged me to being a pedophile. I proceeded to upload my ID containing my full name. Once he admitted he was wrong, I uploaded that information as well.

Second, Mr. Worland smeared the name of Luis Anthony Ewing. The allegation was that he and I were the same person. Yet another claim Mr. Worland could not get correct. Instead, he only further discredited his organization and himself.

Mr. Worland would not cease until I resigned from MAFA. My resignation was not an easy one as I was/am passionate about the organization’s work. I resigned because Mr. Worland would not stop degrading Ms. Dalton with insults until I did so. Upon my resignation, he admitted to Mrs. Dalton that my resignation was all he wanted.

Again, by his own confession, he was forcing MAFA to do his will. Mr. Worland claims to be exposing the “fakes.” It is with this in mind, we write this very statement.

Mr. Worland admits he attacked me for doing my job as defined by MAFA LLC.
What Mr. Worland has done stretches beyond slander, it is outright terroristic! He used blunt force to retraumatize and force victims to do as he willed. He used their traumas as a weapon against them. Because of this, MAFA LLC, Media no longer exists. He has done unrepairable damage, with no regard, to victims. He has smeared innocent people, organizations, and advocates.

Mr. Worland, through extreme use of fear and bullying, is why I stepped down from an organization I respected, loved, and cherished. A page, which has reflected his organization since 2015, has operated a page called, “The truth is out.” But, with so many apologies, how “out” is the truth really when it comes to him? Simply put, none because he attacks any and everybody who disagrees with him; this much, his actions have already demonstrated and verified.

Phil terrorizing Rosemary, this is why I resigned.

Evidence Gallery (Asher case)

Below, we are putting everything we have. This will be updated as we get new information. It is in two categories, evidence provided by Asher and evidence provided by everybody else.
Outside sources (chats may not be in order. We are uploading in the order tl which we recieved them.)

Below, a damning confession from Asher.

Above image posted to show HIPAA does not apply to media.

Asher’s evidence

Is a respected activist stealing groups?

UPDATE 1: In regards of the accusation that Asher hijacked the pages mentioned, we have found that the evidence is insuffient. We cannot confirm who started OpExposeCPS without a shadow of a doubt. Therefore, Asher is innocent as per his Constitutional rights. An image has been removed due to fhe HIPPA law.

For anybody who has given birth, nurtured, and perfected an idea, it is terrible when a trusted friend hijacks it. For a couple of unlucky people, this is exactly what happened to them.

Asher Gemlar is not an unknown name. Through groups such as #OpExposeCPS, we all know of his devotion to the cause. However, what if we were to tell you that #OpExposeCPS is registered to an EIN number and so, legally, Asher is defrauding a company? Hard to believe, right?

The image above shows who actually owns #OpExposeCPS. Located above the name, Kara Zimmerman, you can clearly see the company name. According to Ms. Zimmerman, Asher had volunteered with her organization. However, upon being made an admin, he booted her off and hijacked the page.

She alleges that he is illegally gaining money via donations. However, none of the money goes to what he claims it to. We remained skeptical as the claim seemed a bit outlandish. Then we got several images, they are below.

Above, (image removed due to HIPPA laws.)

Above, Asher uses the group to hustle money for food.

Upon further research, we learned that Asher has a prior criminal record pertaining to drugs. This record, in our opinion, brings a lot of questions toward his credibility. Although we already began to doubt him, what we found next only further confirmed our doubts.

A second accusation of hijacking somebody else’s hard work. Although not much is known regarding this accusation, the first accusation speaks wonders. Hopefully, in the near future, we will have an update.

One thing is for sure, if Asher is an activist, he is not a good one. His operation and method seems to be based upon the theft of everybody else’s hard work. It is, with that in mind, we warn you: beware who you trust.


Disclaimer: WoC does not own this article. It is being uploaded to preserve it in the event the original is taken down. The victim, has informed us that a well-known CPS activist has been threatning her. We are investigating this activist.

Source: original article here

Many of us have come to believe that our own attorney was working for the other side. However, when we confronted our attorneys about our suspicions or brought the issue up before the Court, we have been scoffed at and mocked.  
In the letter below, you will see how one litigant, Roisin Cassidy, actually caught out two of her attorneys working in coordination together and with the opposing attorney so that she would lose custody through a scheme that revolved around court rules in regard to discovery.  What the attorneys did was collude with each other in a post judgment custody switching scheme to allow the abusive father discovery, while Ms. Cassidy was prohibited from doing so.

Read the letter below as Catharine Sloper unravels this complex web of lies and deception that so many family court litigants fall victim to.  Think you are imagining it? Think it couldn’t possibly be true?  Think again.

Dear Attorney Jennifer Ani:
I have been informed that, in response to a blog posted on the website “Divorce in Connecticut”, you have had several objections to the content. In the spirit of wanting to be entirely accurate, I did want to run some questions by you.  
The particular issue which I hope you can address, and which came up within the context of the Divorce in Connecticut blog regarding this case, has to do with the issue of discovery as follows:
On November 14, 2015, Attorney Ani, you wrote an email to Roisin stating that Attorney Christiana Samuels refused to reopen discovery as follows:
“She [Attorney Samuels]…said, “your client asked for disclosure a long time ago.  It’s [discovery has] been cut off.”
The implication of Attorney Samuels statements was that discovery was closed and that Attorney Robert Bruening, on behalf of his client, was somehow responsible for closing discovery by sending Attorney Samuels a document requesting disclosure of discovery.  The further implication was that the inability to reopen discovery was fatal to Roisin’s case because then she would be precluded from bringing any rebuttal witnesses to trial to offset the custody evaluator, Dr. Kenneth Perlmutter’s report.  
As I state again, the finger for this major legal error, both Attorney Ani and Attorney Samuels appeared to be stating, was pointed directly at Attorney Robert Bruening who was held responsible for sending out this document requesting disclosure.  On the basis of these two attorney’s accusation, Roisin Cassidy then refused to pay Attorney Bruening the outstanding amount of $10,000 in legal fees which she allegedly owed him at the time.
Based upon the stated concern that discovery might be closed, you, Attorney Ani then turned to a person you designated as a discovery expert–Attorney Kathryn Kirkland, a legal professional with at least 40 years of legal experience.  In a rather inconclusive email dated December 7, 2015 (copy provided to Roisin), Attorney Kirkland offered some views regarding whether or not discovery was closed in the case citing CCP 128(a)3, CCP 2024.050 and CCP 2034.220.  I am assuming that you charged Roisin Cassidy for this consultation.
However, despite these protestations on the part of three attorneys, I myself looked under Article 2, Section 2034.310 and I saw that discovery, or late disclosure of an expert witness, under section (b) of that part is acceptable if “that expert is called as a witness to impeach the testimony of an expert witness offered by any other party at the trial.  I agree that such testimony would largely be limited to that of a fact witness not an opinion witness. This is perhaps unfortunate, but it does not leave Roisin completely without options, which is what you should have told Roisin, but did not.  
To verify this particular point of law, I did send a letter of inquiry to each of the attorneys in this case–Samuels, Ani, Bruening and Kirkland–in order to give them a chance to correct me on this point.  However, thus far, not a single one of them has responded with a correction of any of the points I make here in this blog. 
A few days later, on December 10, 2015, with Roisin under the impression that discovery was closed and her expert witnesses, therefore, excluded, Roisin approved and authorized Attorney Jennifer Ani to use her limited legal funds for the purpose of crafting and submitting a motion which she hoped would reopen discovery so that she could fully defend her case.  In connection to reopening discovery, the motion Attorney Ani wrote entitled “Notice of Application and Application For Continuance of Trial Date; Memorandum of Points and Authorities, Declaration of Attorney Jennifer Ani; Exhibits” made reference to CACCP 2034.230(b), CCP 2034.710, and CCP 2034.720 as well as case law from 1990, 1999, and 2006.  
In response, Attorney Samuels submitted to the Court an eye brow raising two hours later on the same day her “Petitioner’s Responsive Declaration to Respondent’s Requste [sic] For Order in which she opposed Attorney Ani’s request for the reopening of discovery solely citing CCP Section 2024.020(b).
Judge Swope, who must have known that these motions were fraudulent and should have exposed them as such, denied the request for a continuance and to reopen discovery.  This action alone calls his ethical base into question and appears grounds for a judicial complaint against him.
So this is my point towards which I have been going slowly and surely via this long winded introduction, and it is as follows: 
The entire discovery issue in the case was completely fabricated!  In reality there was no such thing! The attorneys in this case on both sides appear to have gotten together and invented the whole thing, and I will tell you how I know this.
I had the opportunity to read two articles regarding Family Code 218, one of which is entitled “Family Code 218 Overrules Marriage of Boblitt Decision and Allows Post Judgment Discovery.  What Family Code 218 apparently states is that, as of January 1, 2015 (and please note: Roisin Cassidy’s trial was conducted on February 8, 2016) “discovery will reopen automatically upon the filing of a post-judgment motion as to the issues raised in the post-judgment pleadings currently before the court.”  This new rule, apparently, determined that the California Civil law which all the attorneys in Roisin’s case kept on citing no longer applied in any way whatsover.  In other words, Rule 218 means that discovery opens automatically once a post judgment motion is filed regardless of California Civil Law.
Thus, my puzzlement and that of Roisin.  If Family Code 218 replaces prior existing California law, why were all these attorneys in this case–Attorney Jennifer Ani, Attorney Christiana Samuels, and Attorney Kathryn Kirkland, let alone a Judge–bringing up and debating this issue at length to the point where other more significant matters in this case were left neglected?  Discovery was reopened automatically when the petitioner filed to change custody from Roisin to him.  Therefore, the entire debate over discovery was moot!  So why was it conducted?  I am very curious to know the answer, as is Roisin!
Then, if Attorney Robert Bruening will excuse me, let me close with his words.  When Roisin asked him why he had closed discovery, which was what Attorney Christiana Samuels accused him of doing, this was his response:
“I did not close discovery.  No attorney can close discovery without some kind of agreement.  I cannot imagine what [sic] any attorney would agree to close discovery prematurely.  I guarantee you there is no such agreement. Discovery ends by law/Rules, 30 days before trial.  Giving notice of your witnesses occurs 5 days before trial.  That has nothing to do with whether discovery is still open or not.”
As you may recall, Attorney Ani, you provided notice to the Court and to the opposing side regarding Roisin Cassidy’s rebuttal witnesses on December 7, 2015, well in advance of the February 8, 2016 trial date and so there should have been no problem including these witnesses on Ms. Cassidy’s roster of witnesses for her trial.
Attorney Ani, naturally in the face of learning that it appears that the discussion over the reopening of discovery was a complete fabrication based upon nothing and a total waste of time, Ms. Cassidy is very upset. When you should have been focusing in on preparing the expert witnesses and exhibits for trial, you appear to have been wasting time and Roisin’s limited financial resources on legal issues and conversations that had absolutely no basis or merit.  What is more, had you prepared properly as you should have, no continuance would have been required.
In addition, you appear to have been, and Attorney Samuels appears to have been, misrepresenting Attorney Robert Bruening’s actions on behalf of his client and ascribing malpractice to him when he had not done anything wrong; this led to Attorney Bruening suffering a considerable financial loss.  Further, I understand you have made several calls to Roisin Cassidy’s family members and tried to slander her reputation and standing with them.  This is unconscionable.
In putting together this extraordinarily deceptive and manipulative discovery scheme to swindle Ms. Roisin Cassidy and her family out of thousands and thousands of dollars of legal fees, and at the same time hand over custody of her children to their abusive father, you have violated your legal obligations to your client in multiple ways.  I understand that she intends to file a grievance complaint against you.  I sincerely hope that she does so.
Yours truly,
Catharine Sloper

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