How to subscribe (PC Tutorial)

We’ve had some feedback stating that subscribing can be a bit confusing. This tutorial will tell you step-by-step on how to subscribe.

  1. First, you must be logged into a WordPress account. The subscription program acts as an “in site” addon to your account and therefor uses that to put you into the Gold status.
  2. There are two methods for subscribing. The first method is fairly simple. Look at any article that is “gold status.” At the bottom, you will see “This content is for Gold status members only.” Simply click “Join now.”
  3.  The second method involves the toolbar, located at the top. The Login option is where the confusion seems to be happening. This is only to log you into your wordpress account. Next to that, you will “Membership account.” This is what you actually need.
  4. Scroll your mouse over “Membership account.” You will see a list drop down. Scroll down to “Membership  levels.”
  5. Selecting “Membership levels” will take you to the subscription page. Simply click the “Select” button and fill out the information. Presto! You’re now a a subscriber.

Important Note: 

War on Corruption, is unable to manually create subscriber accounts. Doing so would require us to have your banking information, something that we simply will not ask for. It is, with this in mind, that only you can create the account. However, we are able to confirm if your account is on the subscriber list.



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