Collaborating with WoC

At one time, WoC had a list of organizations that we endorsed. Endorsing essentially meant that we made a point of promoting the groups/organizations, this is no longer the case.  We had found, that one such organization, based in Missouri, was fraudulant. Because of the mistake of promoting that individual and his 501c3, we decided that further endorsing any organization was against our, and those who believe in us, best interests. We do still plan to work with various organizations, however. We have altered our criteria for doing. This is for safety and legal reasons:

1. Organization must be a legal. In short, you must be licensed in your state.

2. Organization cannot be solely an online presence. This means that you must be actively working within the real world.

3. Organization members uphold integrity. Yes, we know it os sad that we must put this in. However, one such 501c3 we once collaborated with, has at least two hate pages in which its president targets individuals via harassment, libel slander, etc. 

4. Must be willing to provide documentation of the article needing covered as well as for the legitamacy of your organization.

5. The president/board members must havd no active protection orders…this has happened as well, sadly.

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