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United we failed…

For many years, I have taken a personal interest in Politics. Everyday it seems the corrupted are growing more powerful and the citizens are becoming a weakened force. One day, many years ago, I recall asking myself, “What role can I take to fight this corruption?” after a few days, I had my answer; I would become an activist. My agenda is to expose Child Protective Services, the police, Congress, and so fourth for what they truly are. However, because activists seem to only recently come out of the wood work, I sometimes wonder if it is to late. Even so, I fight for a belief I strongly uphold. Soon, I will be posting your rights and encourage you to share this blog with everybody you know. Until next time.Image

Join the Revolution

You see it in the news, you see it in speeches, the corruption of our Government spreading like a viral infection. It knows no boundaries. It infects the police force, CPS, Congress…nobody is safe from this contagion. The fight can be won and it will be. Through activists such as ourselves, we will take back our Country and scream “NO MORE!” We will not allow the Government to illegally search us in airports, we will not standby as Police brutally attack innocent people, we will not watch another innocent child get taken by CPS. If you stand for something more than yourself, this blog and my Facebook are for you. Join the Revolution!