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Missouri vs the Tribal nation: stalker update


You may recall an article that regarded the stalker of Kassandra Dalton. Recently, I have come across a conversation between Mohammad and his victim. In the conversation, posted below, he admits to willfully destroying her life. Furthermore, he takes full responsibility for Kassandra’s leg. However, the most damning confession, is his twisted idea of love for the young 16yo; bear in mind, he is 20yo.



His inability to comprehend English, as shown above, is outstanding. Also, notice he states that he will do anything to stop her from going home.


His second comment to her has me concerned. Note two things here: the date and her reply.


Above, we see his “love” for the child. If you recall, I said to take note of the date; now, this was sent the following day. What is being displayed here, is a very dangerous man. The concern we should all have, how far is Mohammad willing to go? And, of course, why are the police protecting him?


The reason why the police would protect him is simple. Mohammad is the man who made the CPS complaint. Although there is more than enough evidence to make an arrest, it would destroy the CPS case. By allowing this pedophile to walk, the corrupt police are making money off of the Dalton case. Furthermore, their CPS friends make money; of course, this is my theory.


Remember, when you read this article, these images. The St. Ann and Woodson Terrace, Mo. police have allowed this man to walk since last August. I am perplexed by the concept that this department is unwilling to do their jobs. As a matter of fact, they have targeted the victim’s family. I ask that this article spread across the internet as well as call these departments and inquire about their lack of action.


CPS: selling of children


CPS, in a blink of an eye, has just ruined your entire life. No due process, no established guilt, but they came anyway. Lost, you wonder what comes next. At this point, like so many parents, you are completely lost. The biggest question is “why?”

First of all, there is one thing you must know about CPS. Regardless of what you have heard, they are not out for your’s, or your childrens, best interest; what they are seeking is funding. To quote an activist, Geri Pfeiffer, “from the moment they take your children, adoption is the agenda.” So, why are they in your life?

To understand this question, you must understand how the system works. CPS, regardless of what you may think, didn’t just show up at random; somebody had to start the process. Essentially, in order for them to arrive, and ruin your life, a phone call was made. Now, this within itself, is a civil rights violation. It is a violation because, according to Federal law, you have the right to face your accuser. When it comes to CPS, the initial accuser is the person who made the call.


Once the call is made, CPS begins conducting its “investigation.” At this point, they are not looking to see if you might be guilty; to simply state this, you are guilty. What CPS is doing, to be honest, is looking for dirt. They will speak to family, doctors, and anybody else that has come into contact with you. During this time, they will hear both good and bad. So, the good information is never heard. The reason for this? They twist the good, as well as the bad, and use it against you; the whole system is designed to use your love as a weapon. As I have said, their goal is to adopt.

Adoption process
After months, or even years of fighting, you just lost your parental rights. What happens now? Well, I personally say, “give them hell.” You can fight the adoption, appeal, and thus hinduring it. But, let us just assume you failed. What happens to your child? Where do they go now?

There is an incentive for foster parents to adopt. Essentially, this means your child has just become a legal victim of a child trafficing ring. When a foster family adopts, as I said, there is an incentive. This incentive, to give a rough number, can be $60,000! Of course, as I said, this is a rough estimate. Now, for the state, the monetary gain is much higher. This alone is why they sought to adopt.

Never having a fair trial, no due process, never knowing who made the call and thus never facing your accuser, your life just went to hell. This Gestapo of a system has done exactly what it was intended to do; it has sucessfully ripped your family to shreds. However, you are not alone in this. Everyday, hundreds of families are going through this very process. Everyday, hundreds of families are being torn to shreds. It is, for this reason, the system must be terminated.

CPS: Trained to kill


As of the time of this article, not much is known regarding this case. What little information I currently have is tragic. A mother, whose boyfriend had injured her child, played the CPS game and lost. In some aspect, I can already hear people sayimg, “she pulled her trigger.” I disagree.

Losing a child is tough on families; losing four, even more so. A woman, who took the appropriate action, ended up getting shafted. The issue I have in this regard is merely the fact she had reached out to the system for assistance. Rather than helping, as it should have done, the system further victimized this young woman. What could she had done at this point?

She played into their blackmail, extortion, propaganda; she played their twisted idea of a game. Anybody who has dealt with CPS, DFS, etc., already knows that they push parents to their limit. For some parents, as in this case, CPS pushes them beyond their mental capacity. It is, with this in mind, a lot of parents snap.

Though, at this time, the young woman’s name is unknown to me, her loss was simply to much to bear. These stories of parents who commit suicide are always hard for me to ignore. I do not see suicide here. What I see is a Gestapo styled agency, destroying families, and pulling triggers on these parents. That’s right, I am boldy claiming them to be murderers!

You can only push a person for so long before they snap. What CPS does, based on evidence, is push families until they do snap. At that point, thwy claim the parents to be unfit, order them to get mental assessments, and begin repairing what they initially broke. While doing this, they extort and blackmail the families for hundreds, thousands, it does not matter to them. They use the love of the parents as a tool-a weapon against them. Want to know teue evil? CPS has shown it through this and many cases like this.

Facebook: selective rules

download (17)

Let’s face reality, the truth here. It is something we all have, currently, and will do. At some point, during your Facebook presence, you have made a report. Now, if you are like me, you have reported everything from hate groups, child exploitation groups, and your everyday bullies. Now, if you are like me, you have seen just how incompetent Facebook is.

I recall a group in particular that had been reported by dozens of people. The group was a well known pedophile ring that had apparently been operating right under our noses. Hard to believe, right? This group would take innocent pictures of children from various profiles and simply upload them to their page. Although this seems harmless, the comments were vulgar and highly sexual in nature.

I recall reporting the group only to get a reply from Facebook informing me no violations had been made. Keep in mind the graphic comments. Now, this is just one instance to which Facebook failed. Sadly, this was not the only account I had reported. This left Anons, activists, and myself questioning Facebook. Why had they allowed, on countless occasions, illegal groups to continue? Why do they act on fictitious and unreliable reports? Is Facebook promoting crime?

Over the years, I have seen activists silenced, anti-CPS pages come down, anti-Obama pages fall, all the while, these other groups remain. If anything can be determined from the actions, or lack there of, it is simply this: A mega corporation will only respond when it is in the best interest of itself. Let’s face reality.

We all know Facebook has been the subject of illegal monitoring and testing of users. We all know they have deep pockets when it comes to their political agendas; all of this has been brought to light over the years. For these reasons, and many more, Facebook has a hidden war on activists.

Granted, this is an opinionated article. No facts beyond my observations to enforce it. However, these observations have been made by various people who believe as I do.l; that is what makes them so damning. Feel free to comment, what are your thoughts regarding this?

Paris attacks: commentary


Recently, we witnessed one of the most horrific attacks on human life since 9/11. Enlight of this, we have seen an uprising in support on a global level. When I read the article regarding this attack, I couldn’t help but think, “those are brothers, sisters, parents, those were people who were loved.” The infamous terrorist group, Isis, has been making remarkable strides in looking like an international prick. Beheadings, shootings, the list goes on and on. This is a group using the illusion of religion.

Now, over the years, I have come into contact with many Muslims. Generally, these interactions have been pleasant and I enjoyed their discussions. When I see groups like Isis, it is one that appauls me. A group that has claimed Muslim in order to carry out their twisted and perverted ideology of this religion. When I see groups like this, who recruit openly on social media pages such as Facebook, it bothers me.

This is a group to which people willfully suicide in order to murder dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people. Their reasons, I am sure, are legit in their twisted minds, but I am inclined to disagree. When you murder so many people in the name of whatever God you serve, you only look like a fool; a self diluted, incompetent moron.

I have seen the hashtag “prayforparis.” This tells me many things about our species, most importantly, it shows unity. This hashtag is more than just another hash courtesy of Twitter. This is a symbol that openly demonstrates how a mass slaughter can, and will, backfire; it demonstrates just how much inner strength we really have.

However, even with this in mind, we cannot forget those who were so wrongfully killed. No matter what religion you are, even if you are non-religious, these families are in a time of despair. I would like to encourage everybody to assist in any way they can, even if it is just lending an ear. In a time like this, council goes a very long way. We, at War on Corruption, will do anything that we can to assist. If you are among those families, please contact us. We want to hear stoeies about your loved one and offer any counciling that we can. Our thoughts are with you.

Milatary police

images (32)

All to often, we hear the repetitive story regarding police brutality. While the concept of protecting and serving should be their focus, we find that, often times, this is not so. Instead, cases of young adults being gunned down, beat, and raped are the focus. Where did our law enforcement fail?  In this observational article, I will be discussing a few issues that I believe exists within the departments.

The first, and probably, the biggest problem is the military mindset. More and more, we are seeing our law enforcement transition from a mere badge to a group with armored trucks. Recently, the police have been given dozens of these military surplus vehicles, guns, and ammunition; of course, this is what we see. What we don’t see, is their military style training.

You take a group of power hungry drones, train them in various forms of weaponry, combat, etc., and put them on the streets, what will happen? The results are a 19 year old boy gets shot nearlyca hundred times, although he had no weapon. Another result is a woman anally raped on the hood of a squad car; A lovely picture begins to surface.

Before I began journalism, I supported the police. But hey, I thought they were looking out for us, than I woke up. The other problem I see, goes down to lack of mental exams. When a person is going to be trained in deadly force, weapons, and so on, they SHOULD be observed for mental stability. However, when we look at their actions upon innocent civilians, clearly this is not being done.

Mental exam are not only important, they are critical! You take a person who is violent, give him a badge, give him a gun, what is the end result? Simple: an innocent person dies. Now, we have already seen this exact situation in the news. Ferguson, for example, was a prime example. Still, the biggest problem is accountability…or lack thereof.

This is another serious problem. When it comes to internal investigations, it seems obvious that they will find the cops actions justified. The problem with this is in most cases, the actions were above what was justified and needed. One example, in my opinion, is the death of a six year old boy. Why did this happen? It happened because police blindly opened fire into a vehicle during a pursuit.

Now, I can already hear the defense for these actions. The car should have stopped being among them. With that said, consider this. Police are supposed to be trained to resolve an issue with tjecleast amount of force possible. This means only shooting their weapon as a last resort. Now, there are other problems, these are just a few. Until these are resolved, the problems will only grow. Sadly, this may cost more lives.

CPS: The Tribal nation fights back!

Below, is a letter sent to me. It is unedited.

To the office of; Loretta Lynch

We submit to the office of the U.S. Department of Justice the following list of Child welfare division Case workers, Supervisors and employees in and effort to inform, report and submit the Crimes against the American people and the unconstitutional removals of children from the familial units supported by the Federal standard of placement with Kin as priority.

We demand an investigation into the practices of State operated Child welfare divisions as a Human trafficking program as defined for the purposes and definition of Human trafficking legislation, as ‘ Human trafficking can occur within a country or trans-nationally. Human trafficking is a crime against the person because of the violation of the victim’s rights of movement through coercion and because of their commercial exploitation. Human trafficking is the trade in people, and does not necessarily involve the movement of the person from one place to another.” “the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons, by means of threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation.”

Under the Clinton Administration, the following legislation was adopted under a cash incentive to the states to remove children for adoption, as; The legislation also would provide cash bonuses to states that increase their adoptions, giving them $4,000 for each child adopted above the previous year’s number and $6,000 for each adoption of a child who is older or has some physical or emotional disability.

The transfer of children into the foster system has become a human trafficking program as shown by the facts and definitions put forth by the United Nations Global Initiative to fight Human Trafficking. The states have shown to be acting in the best interests of state revenue and not on the safety and well being of Families of the United States.

We submit an overview of our research and campaign to reform the Child Welfare Divisions and list of submitted Child Welfare Employees who have conducted unconstitutional removals of children from familial units for the sole intent of trafficking children for Federal incentives and financial gains for State revenue. We demand an investigation and reform.

State Operated Child Protection Services

Supportive and conclusive evidence of criminal arrests of Child Welfare Caseworkers, Supervisors, Foster Parents, Directors of Youth Facilities, Adoptive Parents, and affiliated associates of the processes of Child Abuse procedures provides a clear outline of criminal activities within the internal operations of local, city, state and federal employees.

These crimes include; Child sexual assault, Death, Imprisonment, Medical Neglect, Falsification of records, False testimony, Negligence of duties, DUI while in custody of a child, Harboring a Child Sex Offender, Withholding evidence, Failure to Investigate, Gang Affiliations, Drug dealing, Human Trafficking, Domestic Assault, Sexual Assault, Conspiracy (of two or more) to Conceal Evidence, Abuse of Office against Victim, Witness in retaliation actions, Targeting Children for Adoption, Intent to deny Parental Rights to Medical Care, Conspiracy (of two or more) in Medical Care to Deny Citizen right to choose Medical treatment, Conspiracy (of two or more) to conceal deaths in State Custody, Conspiracy (of two or more) to Secure Infant Adoption availability, Conspiracy (of two or more) to extend Foster care stay for Federal Dollar Incentives in Denial of Reunification, Conspiracy (of two or more) in Legal proceedings, Judicial, Minors counsel, Caseworkers to make Permanent State Custody and Adoption of children with Biological Family (Next of Kin) Denial and Conspiracy (of two or more) to deny Citizen right to School of choice.

Each crime listed above is supported through public records, articles and arrests of actual occurrences within the nation.

The extensive crimes against the Parents and Children, financially and psychologically, have been extensively studied with ample resources available to understand the depth of damage and harm done to this population of people who have fallen victim to;

Internal Corruption, Improper training, Low Standard for Hiring and Minimal Background checks under the office of Child Protection Service.

In securing the safety of children, our most vulnerable citizens, the system has failed to uphold strict requirement of the offices given the power to take legal ‘custody’ or ‘possession’ of a child from biological parents, family, and extended family. These qualifications to meet all expectations of the child abuse workers should be extended beyond the current requirements, to include;

Routine Drug checks for CPS employees, Psychological evaluations for CPS employees, Home Evaluations of CPS employees, Conflict of Interest penalty (Caseworkers acting as Foster and Adoptive Parents, Adoption Broker), Standard College Law License and Degree, Standard Psychologist License and Degree, Standard General Practitioner License and Degree, Cultural and Humanities Study and Law Enforcement Training.

These strict requirements are necessary, and /or, the very same measures for which Parents are held to account and expected to perform to gain reunification with their children. And in some cases, with all programs and requires fulfilled, families are denied reunification with biological children, nieces, nephews, cousins, brothers and sisters. As the program requires this strict obligation of the American Citizens, so to, should the public servants acting on behalf of government programs, paid for by the American taxpayers, be obliged to the same standard.

While it is believed, these requirements will reduce the internal corrupted individuals within the government and state programs designed to aid children, it is only adding increased costs and inefficiency of state budgets stretched beyond their capabilities in their current structure and the national cost of the programs under the Department of Children and Families. The current model of child protection is outdated in the current technology and innovations of communications, reporting and investigating. We have seen no better professional skill in addressing child exploitation than the work performed by Missing and Exploited Children, Protect, ICAC and state task forces specially trained in crimes against children. The task enforcement teams designated for child abuse investigations are under staffed with only five or six investigators for the populace our largest cities.

We propose a restructure of the Child Protection Federal Funds into the Divisions of Law Enforcement divisions of Investigations into Crimes against children by specialized trained Investigators with access to full discovery, forensics, medical and mental experts for prosecutions of crimes against children, in conjunction with, trained psychologists to determine placement of children with biological family and resources to refer families of low income into programs designed to provide basic needs to improve living conditions, drug addictions, disability assistance, medical and mental health assistance

  1. Barbara Ingram (San Diego)
  2. Amanda Spratley (California)
  3. Lizz Wood Gravenberg (California)
  4. Jahari Weir Harrison (California)
  5. Stacy Johnson, (Washington)
  6. Reyana Ugas, (Washington)
  7. Katie Evans,(Washington)
  8. Ashley Magnum(Washington)
  9. CPS Supervisor Jane Wilson (Washington)
  10. Jane Wilson DHSH (Washington)
  11. Kendra Bowes (North Carolina)
  12. Aaron Robb ( Texas)
  13. Teresa Stewart (Kentucky)
  14. Kelly Fletcher (West Virginia)
  15. Sara Williams (California) (minors atty./not social worker) included because we can
  16. Michelle Kays Lenning (Supervisor South Dakota)
  17. Jackie Jones (Texas) Collin co.
  18. Tyrona Taylor (Texas) Dallas co.
  19. Ian Rosen. (Southern California).
  20. Katrina Schrock (Colorado) denver
  21. Kitina Jones (California)
  22. Tracy Valloff (California)
  23. Susan Horigan (Colorado)CPS psychologist/therapist
  24. Toni Hudnall (California)
  25. Amy Englund-Mueller
  26. Karen Schlanger (California) placer co & plumas co
  27. Paul Saunders (California) placer co
  28. Kathy Tanner

29 Ron Oroz (California)

  1. Lalisa Morgan (California)
  2. Melissa Ealba (California)
  3. Brandon Clinton (Pennsylvania)
  4. Brandy Neider ( Pennsylvania)
  5. Lynn Mullis (Pennsylvania)
  6. Rachel Dromneck (Pennsylvania)
  7. Wendy Seidel (Pennsylvania)
  8. James Trupp (Pennsylvania)
  9. Amy Shernerhorn (Pennsylvania)
  10. Tim Simethky (Pennsylvania)
  11. Cathy Badal (Pennsylvania)

41 Wendy Zigler (Pennsylvania)

  1. Michelle Kupress-Mace (Pennsylvania)
  2. Andrea Karlunis (Pennsylvania)
  3. Steve Smith (South Dakota) Codington Co.
  4. Wendy Patterson(Pennsylvania)*last employment status; fired
  5. Lindsay Yannuzzi (Pennsylvania)
  6. Rae Lundy , Knoxville, (Tennessee)
  7. Alyssa Morrow (Colorado)
  8. Vanessa Bondhus (Colorado)
  9. John Giles (Colorado) supervisor
  10. Michelle Walker (Colorado)
  11. Tammy Garner (Tennessee)
  12. Carol Davis (Tennessee)
  13. Cindy Curtis (Tennessee)
  14. Susan Joyce (Tennessee)
  15. Lyn Popovich (supervisor)(Pennsylvania)Cambria co.
  16. Andy Lubert (former supervisor-transferred to Dept of Aging((Pennsylvania)Cambria co.
  17. Kathy Blick (caseworker, transferred to Dept. of Aging)(Pennsylvania)Cambria co.
  18. William Ward (caseworker, forced retirement)(Penn.)Cambria co.
  19. Rachael Wadsworth (caseworker)(Penn>)Cambria co.
  20. Jennifer Mene (Porterville California)
  21. James Holtry (Director- Lebanon PA)
  22. Sharon Gassert ( caseworker-Lebanon PA)
  23. Mark Schrodey (Regional Director-PA)
  24. Denise Stih (Regional Supervisor-PA).
  25. Tamar Lawson (Riverside, County city of Murrieta CA)
  26. Connie Cobian- Riverside County, California
  27. Lisa Curry- Riverside County, California
  28. Julie Burgess- Riverside County, California
  29. Debbie Biddle (California) Riverside co.
  30. Afton Wisner (California)
  31. Barbara A. Ash, City of Philadelphia Child Welfare
  32. Brian Fuller, Philadelphia DHS Case worker
  33. Lynstrom, Philadelphia DHS social worker
  34. Kevin Dixon, Philadelphia DHS case worke

r76. Tasha Torres, DHS case worker

  1. Anne Gulick(Philadephia Mentor)
  2. Amy Perry (Kentucky) Lawrenceburg

79.Angela Maynard, supervisor, (Kentucky)

  1. Sara McGaha,(Kentucky)

81.Adam Stoner (Kentucky)

  1. Christina Hernandez (California) Riverside co
  2. Antoine Coley (Riverside, CA)

84 Beth Donth (Riverside, CA)

85 Paul Gaines (Riverside, CA)

86 Pamela Lind (Riverside, CA)

87 Pam Acra (Riverside, CA)

88 Lisa Austin (Riverside, CA)

89 Valerie Scott (prev. Riverside, CA)

90 Sherron Logan (ret. Riverside, CA)

91 Lisa Mariano (Riverside, CA)

92 Lizette Maciel (Riverside, CA)

93 Beth Miller (Riverside, CA)

94 Dorothy Mokote (Riverside, CA)

95 Donna Woods (Riverside, CA)

96 Monique Vazquez (Phoenix, AZ)

97 Michelle Campion,(Stokes County Department of Social Services) North Carolina-

98 Ellen Isom, (Stokes County Department of Social Services) North Carolina-

99 Allison Pinnix, (Stokes County Department of Social Services)North Carolina-

100 Marsha Marshall (Stokes County Department of Social Services) North Carolina-

  1. Joe Sandoval Southern California.
  2. Sharon Whittaker, Akron Ohio Summit county

103;Patricia vidal king (los angeles



106.Megan hoke cps investigator TEXAS

107.Anna Gonzales cps conservator ship worker TEXAS

108.Melanie McKenzie supervisor TEXAS

109.Amy Patton cps directorTEXAS

  1. Vanessa hoke. Cps oca complaint workerTEXAS
  2. Delinda ebling Guardian ad litem TEXAS
  3. Christine haggard counselor for cpsTEXAS

113.William hoke cps psychic evaluation TEXAS

114.Dr.willbanks handles cps clientsTEXAS





120.Erin Copely formerly at Bend Oregon DHS

  1. Brianna knight Riverside,CA
  2. clyde bacon riverside county CA
  3. Shiela Whitesock, CA
  4. CPS case workers Kindra Brown (Texas)
  5. Flora Standford CPS (Texas),
  6. CASA case worker Paula Tarver,(Texas)
  7. Eric Warren -Spokane (Washington)
  8. Heather Hamasaki – Spokane Wa.
  9. Lorie Tatum- Case Manager (Arizona)-

130 Rae Lundy ( Knoxville, Tennessee )

  1. Tameka Thompson (Bloomington, ILL)
  2. Andrea Hagen-Holy cross children’s services Grand Rapids Muskegon and Traverse City Michigan
  3. Brooke Bigler-Holy cross children’s services Grand Rapids Muskegon and Traverse City Michigan
  4. Doug Terrell-Holy cross children’s services Grand Rapids Muskegon and Traverse City Michigan
  5. Kathy Fioletta-Holy cross children’s services Grand Rapids Muskegon and Traverse City Michigan

136.Caseworker Jackie Stubbers – Iowa

  1. Janelle Larson – Iowa
  2. DHS Supervisors Chad Hargin – Iowa
  3. Nancy Thompson – Iowa
  4. Traci White – Iowa
  5. Mike McInvoy – Iowa
  6. Heather Hamasaki – Spokane Wa
  7. Mary Floyd – Boise Idaho
  8. Kim Allen – Illinois
  9. Molly Boucher – Illinois
  10. Tonya Stephens – benton county Iowa

147.Eric Warren Director of CPS Spokane Washington

  1. Heather Hamasaki Regional Program Manager/Supervisor Spokane Washington

149.Florencia Baldwin – Tuolumne County, CA

  1. David Henderson New castle.Lawrence County PA.
  2. Tasha Harrington Combs – Alamance co.Burlington North Carolina
  3. Susan Osborne Director of SS – Alamance co North Carolina
  4. Tammy Minnis CPS Supervisors – Alamance co. North Carolina
  5. Angela Coe CPS Supervisors – Alamance co. North Carolina

155.LaTisha Logan (CPS) (Burlington, NC)

  1. Marion Bacis – Tuolumne co. CA
  2. Kathy Bennett – Newport WA

158.Maureen Spann – Cortland county cps- nys

  1. Nicole Koekebacker- Cortland county cps- nys
  2. Kristen schad- Cortland county cps- nys
  3. Amanda Rainbow- Cortland county cps- nys
  4. Christina Griffin-Slater- Cortland county cps- nys
  5. Jamie potter Wheeler- Cortland county cps- nys
  6. Kathleen Kelly- Pennsylvania
  7. Ann Kline- Pennsylvania
  8. Lisa Sacknoff- Pennsylvania
  9. Elizabeth Everett Miller-Pennsylvania
  10. Donna Reeck – Pennsylvania
  11. April Cordts – Pennsylvania
  12. Seth Ingles-Greenup Ky
  13. Megan SALISBERRY Greenup kentucky
  14. karla Tanner-Greenup kentucky
  15. Crystal Scaggs-Greenup Kentucky
  16. Seth Ingles Greenup Kentucky
  17. Jason Gilliam Greenup Kentucky
  18. Susan Osborne North Carolina
  19. Bill Hutton -Pathways sub abuse classes/cps Greenup Ky
  20. Katherine Kendall Asst. Co. Atty. Greenup Kentucky Family Court
  21. Hon Jeff Preston Family Court Judge Greenup Kentucky
  22. Roger Cantrell-Greenup Kentucky
  23. cathy tremors Ashland Kentucky
  24. Jamie Stone Courtland Co. ky
  25. Kristin Jones Greenup Kentucky
  26. Kathy Bennett Newport Wa.
  27. Megan Salisberry Greenup Ky
  28. Ann Klein Greenup Ky
  29. Scott Ferris – Executive Director – Lorain Co. Ohio
  30. Michelle Hunt – Casework supervisor – Lorain Co. Ohio
  31. Michaella M Furman – Lorain Co. Ohio
  32. Jennifer Marple – Lorain co. Ohio
  33. Rosemary Mahl – Guardian Ad litem – Lorain Co. Ohio
  34. Katie MacKeigan King – Ombudsman – lorain co. Ohio
  35. Jim Dillon – Pinellas co. Florida
  36. Sarah Pierce – Pinellas co. Florida
  37. Shirria McCullough – wake co. North Carolina
  38. Myca Mcneil- blandford – Wake co. North Carolina
  39. Faleisha Wright – Spokane Washington
  40. Jennifer Cacciatore Gentzel – Durand Illinois
  41. Keri Fischer- Lee County Florida
  42. Karen S. Dummermuth – Tuscarawas Co. Ohio
  43. Molly Fields – Yakima washington

202.Tabitha Read Meeker Julian – Missouri

  1. Kendra Collins – Missouri
  2. Kenna McClellan – Missouri
  3. Ashley Leonard – Alamance County NC
  4. Angela Cole – Supervisor – Alamance County NC
  5. Jamie Hamlett – DSS Attorney – Alamance County NC
  6. Eric Warren – Spokane Washington
  7. Heather Hamaski – Spokane Washington
  8. Disa Graham – Washington state
  9. Sharon Sedillo – California, los angeles
  10. Karen Sill – Avondale Arizona
  11. Amie Clark – Guardian Ad litem- Arizona
  12. Seth Ingles – Greenhouse Kentucky
  13. Megan Salisbury – Greenhouse Kentucky
  14. Shatalaine deBoer -Washoe County, Nevada

217.Casey Groat – Alaska

  1. Kim Boone – GAL – Illinois
  2. Alicia Lairsey – Paulding Co. Georgia
  3. Barbara Burnley – DFCS Director- Paulding co. Georgia
  4. Wendy Towns – Paulding co. Georgia
  5. Alicia Wade -( Former) Paulding co. Georgia
  6. Patrisha Brent – Vermont
  7. Dale Rock – Vermont

225.Diane Hotta – San Joaquin co. california

  1. Sean Dunn – San Joaquin co. california
  2. Jocelyn Renzi – San Joaquin co. California
  3. Colby Lewis – San Joaquin co. California
  4. Christy Marones – San Joaquin co. California
  5. Mary Wilburn – Jackson co. Florida

231.Mercedes Mendoza – Los Angeles, California

  1. Tiffany Hughes – Arizona
  2. Eric Bonnett – Iron co. Utah
  3. Linda Morin – Androscogin co. Auburn Maine

235 .Katheryn Holt- iron county Utah (DCFS attorney)

  1. Emily Harris – Lancaster Pennsylvania
  2. Rhonda Russell – DCFS supervisor – Caddo Parish, Louisiana.
  3. Amy Kummet – Minnesota
  4. Jennifer Lowe – Minnesota
  5. Molly Burke – Minnesota
  6. Barb Wessel – Minnesota
  7. Michelle Campion – N. Carolina

243.Bonnie Brown – Phoenix Arizona

244Tammy Hamilton-MacAlpine – Phoenix Arizona

  1. Amanda Torres- Phoenix, Arizona.

246.Kia El Babili – San Mateo County Human Services, California

  1. Rebecca Nassarre -San Mateo County Human Services, California
  2. Matthew Decristafano -San Mateo County Human Services, California
  3. Marsha Beaman – San Mateo County Human Services, California
  4. John Echarte -San Mateo County Human Services, California
  5. Gary Beasley- San Mateo County Human Services, California
  6. Beverly Johnson – San Mateo County Human Services, California
  7. Laurie Lee – Santa Maria California
  8. Carol Wingereid – Santa barbara co. CA.
  9. Hospital advocate – Petra Morales – Santa Barbara co. CA
  10. Amy Beville -Warren Co. Kentucky

257.Stacy Absher-Warren Co. Kentucky

  1. KatieKnettle – Morrison County Family Services – Minnesota
  2. JuliaWeisz – Morrison County Family Services – Minnesota
  3. SaraPratt – Morrison County – Minnesota
  4. LynnAlvar – Morrison County- Minnesota

262 AaronStein – Morrison County – Minnesota

263 Nicole Kempenich -Morrison County – Minnesota

  1. Gayle Gannon- Bellingham WA
  2. Terri Tranel – Wisconsin
  3. Laura Leonard – Florida267. Cassia Alberti..-Jefferson City, Missouri
  4. Lishawa Jackson – Tarrant, Denton co. Texas
  5. Stephanie Lopez – Tarrant, Denton co. Texas
  6. Linda Atkins – CPS Supervisor Moses Lake WA
  7. Amanda White – Kentucky
  8. Teresa Stewart – Kentucky
  9. Melissa Brown – Tacoma, WA
  10. Chris Coy – former Houghton co. Michigan/relocated
  11. Clare Matheson – King co. Washington
  12. Maribeth Shepard – King Co. Washington
  13. Kelly Allen – Brazos co. Texas
  14. Amanda Sipp – Brazos co. Texas (Co/conspirator -(unknown female name)Ms.Henderson
  15. Loretta Smith – Calhoun Co. Grantville West Virginia
  16. Mrs. Brittney Rutherford – Oakland co. Michigan
  17. Meridith Bean – Warrick co. Indiana
  18. (unknown first name) Fidelia – Kern co. Bakersfield California (Fidelia, Shafter office)
  19. Brad Wold – Morrison Co. Director Minnesota
  20. Melanie Erickson – Morrison Co. Minnesota
  21. Keeley Gray – Toledo Ohio (GAL co/consp; Joan Crosser (GAL)
  22. Holly Magnus – Toledo Ohio

287 Margo Sellers – Los Angeles Co. – California

288 Linda Vaughn – Jefferson co. Tennessee

289.Christina Rees – Missoula Montana

  1. Taryn Kovak – Missoula Montana

291 Matthew Grey – Illinois

  1. Allison Manhire – Lehigh county Pennsylvania
  2. Kelly Ventura – Lehigh county Pennsylvania
  3. Jennifer Shadle – Lehigh county Pennsylvania
  4. Veronica La Fergy – Lehigh county Pennsylvania
  5. John Callahan – San Bernadino co. California
  6. Sheila Whitesock – San Bernadino co. California
  7. Pat Strickland – Cullman Alabama
  8. Donna Bener – former Cullman Alabama, Florida

300 Kathy Whitton – Cullman Alabama

  1. Callie Rae Smith – Cullman Alabama
  2. Katherine Denard – Cullman Alabama
  3. Mike Keys – Cullman Alabama
  4. Claudia Spencer – Tacoma Washington
  5. Stephanie Long – Supervisor – Pierce co. Washington
  6. Norma Morgan – Littleton, Colorado
  7. SUPERVISOR-Meka Gnat-Jefferson Parish, Louisiana
  8. Laurel A. Kelly – SW Investigator HampdenCounty Massachusetts
  9. Terry L. Champiney- LSCW Massachusetts
  10. Terry L. Champiney – LSCW Massachusetts
  11. Sylvia Montiero Supervisor Hampden CountyMassachusetts
  12. Anna Moynahan Manager Hampden CountyMassachusetts
  13. Jay feilding – Plymouth Massachusetts
  14. Jessica Cota – California
  15. Andrea Preston – Taunton Massachusetts
  16. Kari Abel – Tuscarawas county ohio
  17. Elizabeth Benedetto – Tuscarawas county ohio
  18. Tony Anderson – Tuscarawas county ohio
  19. Julie LaChapelle – Oregon
  20. Kayla Fuegen Sellers – Clinton County – Clinton, Iowa

321.Gayle Gannon- Bellingham, WA

  1. Sunshine Nelson- Bellingham, WA
  2. Julie Turner – Bellingham, WA
  3. Stacy Johnson CPS-Tacoma WA
  4. Laci Alexander – Hopkins co. Texas
  5. Eric Lott- Cortland county DSS – New York
  6. Kevin Murphy – Portland Maine
  7. Jahmal Miles- Portland Maine
  8. Supervisor Jane Dudley (Sampson County)- North Carolina
  9. DSS Director Sarah Bradshaw (Sampson County)- North Carolina
  10. FC Supervisor Andrea Rayner (Sampson County) – North Carolina
  11. FC Worker Tajmia Thomas Cole (Sampson County) – North Carolina
  12. FC Supervisor Saundra Hines (Sampson County) – North Carolina
  13. CPS Worker Danielle Daw (Sampson County) – North Carolina

335 Ann Saroka – Iowa

336 Patty McAndrews – Iowa

337.Cynzy Walker – Ulster co. New York

  1. Jamie Boyd – Vermont
  2. Caleb Wells – New Hampshire
  3. Amber Little – San Antonio Texas
  4. Maggie Wooten – San Antonio Texas
  5. Angel Fuentes. – San Antonio Texas
  6. Jolene Erwin – Kentucky

344.Shelia George – Galveston co. Texas

  1. Wayne Moore – Galveston co. Texas
  2. Dorian Sims – DCFS Intake Investigator -North Little Rock, AR

347 John Selig – The Director of DHS (AR Department of Human Services)

  1. Cecile Bluker – The Director of DCFS, Little Rock, AR
  2. Danyetta Pride – Family Service Worker(FSW), Little Rock, AR
  3. Felecia Carter – DCFS Supervisor, Little Rock, AR
  4. Milton Graham – Supervisor at DHS/DCFS, Little Rock, AR
  5. Chanda Young-Olive – County Supervisor over FSW’s, Little Rock, AR
  6. Kim Daniels – Family Service Worker, Little Rock, AR
  7. Glenda Cooper – FSW Supervisor, Little Rock, AR

355.Wendy Childs – The Adoption Specialist, Little Rock, AR

  1. Elaine Jackson – Supervisor with DHS/DCFS, Little Rock, AR
  2. Teresa Bunch- Investigator – DCFS Little Rock, AR,
  3. Troi Andreola – Lancaster, California
  4. Robin Parkhill — Evansville Indiana
  5. Casey Coffey – Evansville Indiana
  6. Korrin Howell- Evansville Indiana

362.Jim Drendle- Larimer CountyCO

  1. Laura Brinks- Larimer CountyCO
  2. Denise Lajunnese -Larimer CountyCO
  3. Michelle Walker-Larimer CountyCO
  4. Ken Walker – Larimer CountyCO
  5. Angela Mead – Larimer CountyCO
  6. Joanne Murphy- Larimer CountyCO
  7. Valeree Gordon Adams – Catawba County, NC
  8. Nickcole Maynard-Errami – Catawba County, NC
  9. Amber Mecimore – Catawba County, NC
  10. Aveary Eckard-Catawba County, NC
  11. Ann Roth- Catawba County, NC
  12. Sydney G Smith – Catawba County, NC
  13. Nancy Nirider Einstein – Catawba County, NC
  14. Burford Cherry – Catawba County, NC
  15. Mary R McKay – Catawba County, NC
  16. Teresa Goodemote – Catawba County, NC
  17. Cherie Peyton – Catawba County, NC
  18. Macon Clark – Catawba County, NC
  19. Cynthia Phillips-Goeling – Catawba County, NC
  20. Jason Hughes – Catawba County, NC
  21. Jennifer Owen – Catawba County, NC
  22. Shannon Gantt – Catawba County, NC
  23. Jenae Goodwin – Arizona

388.Marybeth McGann – Arizona

  1. Roylynne Bilagody – Arizona
  2. Kate Ripley – Arizona
  3. Muriel McCraney-Gonzales – Arizona
  4. Charles Flanagan – Arizona
  5. Michelle Parker – staff director Arizona
  6. Melanie Hoheisel – Morrison County Minnesota
  7. Amanda Muncy – Schuylkill co. Pennsylvania
  8. Lisa M. Stevens – Schuylkill co. Pennsylvania
  9. Allison Thompson – North Carolina
  10. Sue Ingle – North Carolina
  11. Tammy Patterson – North Carolina
  12. Amy Killion – Missouri
  13. Amy Degraw – Missouri
  14. Justina Robinson – Missouri
  15. Dana Perkins – Missouri
  16. Nickie Watson – Missouri
  17. Crystal Deckard – Missouri
  18. Nina Madden – Warrick county Indiana
  19. Trina Russell – Warrick county Indiana
  20. Melissa Stadwick – Southfeild Michigan
  21. Ms. Rutherford – Southfeild Michigan
  22. Denise Huynh – Seattle Washington
  23. Mary Wilburn – Jackson county Marianna, Florida
  24. Annette Sellars – Jackson county Marianna, Florida
  25. Susana Benson – New Mexico
  26. Patti Paragas – Yolo Co. California
  27. Kathy Clemons – Yolo co. California
  28. Dianna Murrey – Tulare Co California
  29. Elizabeth MacMarion- Tulare Co California
  30. Michelle Macias-Tulare Co California
  31. Miriam Ramirez – Tulare Co California
  32. Araceli Moreno – Tulare Co California
  33. Brenda Kirkley – Montana
  34. Laura McCullough – Montana
  35. Jenn Hoerauf – Montana
  36. Adelle Wearly – Montana
  37. Cara Richardson – Montana
  38. Tasha Cameron Youth Dynamics Employee – Montana
  39. Maryse Bertrand – Washington
  40. Star Gasparac – Kentucky
  41. Lila Ray – Kentucky
  42. Jaquanda Bentley – new britain , CT432. Erin Stiles – Iowa
  43. Jean Promnart – California
  44. Kristy Adams – California
  45. Debra Manor – Chatsworth CA
  46. Arena Cole – Chatsworth CA
  47. Teresa Bunch – Little Rock Arkansas
  48. Edward Parker – Little Rock Arkansas
  49. Tina Moore – Little rock Arkansas
  50. Avery Carter – Little Rock Arkansas
  51. Venus esparza zavala -San Joaquin county California
  52. Ed Giannini -San Joaquin county.California
  53. Dyane Gonzalez -San Joaquin county.California
  54. Rosa Gandarilla -San Joaquin county.California
  55. Laura Crosby -San Joaquin county.California
  56. Ernie Schmidt -San Joaquin countyCalifornia
  57. Jocelyn Renzi -San Joaquin county.California
  58. Christina Marines -San Joaquin county.California
  59. Diane Gotta -San Joaquin county.California
  60. Sean Dunn -San Joaquin county.California

Missouri vs the Tribal Nation II:A look into the stalker


Stalking, over the years, has become one of the most common crimes, in not only in America, but worldwide. Recently, I uploaded the horrid story regarding the legalized abduction of a young 16 year old girl. Her crime? Not returning the affections of a deranged 20 year old man. This article is based upon the evidence I have reviewed. Little is known about Mohammed’s past, aside he moved from Africa approx. nine years ago. However, even without this knowledge, much is known about his present.


Above, in yellow, is a text message sent from the man to the child’s mother. Not only does this indicate his mental stability (or lack thereof,) it shows him to be a sexual predator. As if the above is not bad enough, there is currently a restraining order against this man.


Now, keep in mind, the first image shows his potential of being a sexual predator. What does this mean for the one posted above? It means this man not only has potential, but has already acted upon it, forcing a child into sexual relations. So here is what we know thus far, there is a restraining order which he has violated, he has already confessed to raping a child, and yet he still walks.

To add salt to already existing injury, Mohammed has, as displayed below, been utilizing psychological abuse toward the child.


What we have here are more criminal offenses. First we have theft, second we have psychological abuse, and the already mentioned crimes above. This raises one question, why are the police protecting this man?

On several occasions, the family had reported this man for stalking. In turn, they were threatened by the St. Ann Mo. Police department. Rather than taking, what should had been serious accusations to heart, they removed the child upon request of the stalker. Now, as stated in my last article, the stalker was the one who called for the welfare checkIMG_20151030_205152



Above, is a text and a letter from the young victim. She clearly indicates her desire to keep this man away from her, even though he will not comply. In her letter ( her name blocked for her safety,) she states that she was taken against her will and kept in his home. Again, why are the police threatning the family while protecting him?

Mohammed, for whatever reason, is being protected by the police. Their lack of action against a man who raped, kidnapped, mentally abused, and much more, is appauling; furthermore, makes them equally guilty for these crimes. Are they protecting Mohammed because he is Muslim? Does he have police connections? This information is unknown at this time but I will continue my investigation into this matter.

Missouri vs the tribal nation

As you know, Ferguson was recently in the media due to issues with racism. Have they reformed? No. This story is one of utter horror. It involves a family, who are on the tribal roll, CPS, and the corruption of law enforcement. This story is one that defies all logic, rationality, and law.

It started when Rosemary, mother of a 16 year old located innapropriate photos on a cell phone. A 20 year old Muhammad Cisse of St. Ann, Mo. picked the girl up to take her to a friends house. However, that is not where she ended up. Instead, he drove her to a fitness center across county lines, and then to his home. Once there, he held the young girl against her will, even upon being asked to go home. While imprisoned, her family drastically searched and eventually found her. Muhammad, the abducter, called the police for a “welfare” check. Keep in mind, this man, as shown below, clearly had sexual relations with this minor.


Perhaps she needed a welfare check against him.


As if things could not get any worst, an official report, above, clearly confirms the abuse from Muhammad occured. To this day, against the familys’ wishes, the state has done nothing against these accusations. Instead, they removed the victim from her family, forcing her into isolation. Now, here is where more laws get disregarded.

The girl and her family are enrolled with an Indian tribe. What this means is, legally the state must turn the child over to the tribe. However, the state has willfully violated these laws.


Above, is a legal notice from the tribe to the state. Within this letter, they confirm that not only is the family tribal, they notify the state of the various laws being broken; Senators are currently being involved by the tribe. Beyond this, the state has refused to release the child.

This is a case of complexity and corruption in its purest form. This shows just how far the CPS/ DFS is willing to go for a quick buck. There is much more I can comment regarding this, with photographic evidence. However, for now, I hope this basic analysis works.