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War on Media

If you have been on Facebook recently, chances are you have noticed several media platforms that have gone silent. CopBlock, Free thought project, The anti-media are just a few to have been taken down by the infamous Facebook company.

Although surprising, we honestly can’t be shocked by this move. With a history of privacy issues, constitutional violations, and censorship concerns, Facebook steps the bar up once again. The first move made by the company was the option to report “fake news.” While this may seem harmless, it gave Facebook the ability to remove any platform that went against its own political agendas; naturally, we see police accountability and independent platforms removed.

For the platforms that still remain, this should be revered as a serious concern. After all, the pages taken down had millions of followers, where most of us don’t. It is no longer a question of “if” Facebook will take us down, but when?

Because of this concern, “WoC” has already began making plans. Being that we often shared postings from the now removed platforms, we know that being under the radar is impossible. We have simply covered to many controversial areas. Rather it be police brutality, CPS, corrupt courts, and even went toe-to-toe with a very questionable 501c3, it is likely that we will be removed soon.

But what of Facebook? What will happen to it enlight of these actions? Already people have began leaving the site. Independent Social Medias have began to boom because of Facebook. The flaw with Facebook is ot relies on advertising to make money. Basically, they sell your information, use your information on your profile, to direct ads to you. Well, less people means less ads and equals to less money.

What Facebook has failed to realize is if everybody suddenly left their site, the company would literally go bankrupt. In a huge way, the masses have more control than what Zuckerberg is willing to admit.

The Facebook commentary

Anybody who has ever heard of the infamous social media site, Facebook, is probably already aware of the numerous contraversies surrounding it. With this in mind, we shouldn’t be all to surprised that the site has been violating privacy laws in its collection of personal data.

As you maybe aware, or not, anything you post to Facebook is considered fair game. So, that boyfriend/girlfriend breaking up with you post…don’t be surprised when you start getting ads for dating sites. Now, that collection of information is not what we are here to discuss.

If you go to your account settings, there is an option to download a copy of what Facebook has collected on you. Upon doing this, I found that they had more information than what they legally should have. Text messages, my phone contacts, etc. are just a couple of things they had stolen from my personal phone. So, is collecting this information legal? No.

In order for law enforcement to obtain this information, they must first get a warrant. To get a warrant, they must have probable cause. Now, because Facebook is not law enforcement, they cannot obtain a warrant. However, they can conduct internal investigations if you are employed with them. So what does this have to say about their collection information on you?

Your text messages, your contact list, who you called, the duration of said call, etc., Facebook obtained in violation of Federal privacy laws. Because they cannot obtain a warrant, shrouded their collection in secrecy, and made no attempt to inform people, we now see the newest hashtag, #DeleteFacebook.

With this hashtag trending, it does make us wonder rather or not Facebook has finally come to its end. Although, there will always be people associated with the Social media site, alternative sites have taken this oppurtunity to grow their user bases. Given the extensive, and yet, contraversial history of Facebook, leaving the mega site may not be a bad idea.

Facebook: war on innocence

If you have been on Facebook for any length of time, chances are you already know that they optionally enforce their policies. And why not? They are the biggest social media platform on Earth. Not a big deal, right? Wrong!

Because of the random enforcement of their policies, numerous crimes are conducted via their platform daily. While some of these crimes are minor, some are very serious crimes. Just to name a few: drug trade, human trafficking, child pornography, bullying, and various forms of terrorism.

While drug trading is a crime, it isn’t one worth discussing in this article. However, we are going to discuss human trafficking and child pornography together. The reason we are combining them is purely due to how they relate.

If you search around on Facebook long enough, eventually you may come across some “kiddie” groups or profiles. Often times these groups are closed, some are secret, but once in awhile you find an open group. 

Over the years I have come across hundreds of these groups. I did what any rational person should do, I reported it to Facebook. So, I did a great deed, I helped some family whos’  children were being preyed on. But, Facebook actually allowed the group to remain.

And so, because Facebook is so poorly operated, this message is what you will get. However, this doesn’t happen to just groups, this also applies to other victims.

Another area to which we see the piss poor operations of Facebook, is in the harassment/bullying arena. In many cases, you get the standard “we aren’t doing anything about it” message. In other cases, we have seen the bully report the victims’ profile successfully; this sends a huge message. This message is simply: 

If you break the law while using Facebook, don’t worry, we are on your side. However, if you are a victim, you are not subject to be protected while on our site.

Regardless of the proven, and yet dangerous effects this has, Facebook remains selective on how its policies are enforced.

The reason is simple, however. Facebook makes X amount of dollars per profile/page. So, the more they have, the more money they make. In theory, the more money you make Facebook via posts, pics, etc., the less likely they are to enforce policy on you. Simply put, they want you to make revenue for them.

With the rising of social medias such as “MeWe” and “empowr,” it is very plausible that Facebook will soon have a run for its money. That, however, does not phase them. For right now, the mega giant continues its poor enforcement and management of its policies.

Popular pet product fails customer

We have all heard the stories, somebody buys a pet product, it fails, and the company refuses to stand by their guarantees of refunding the product. Well, this is sorta like that.

The popular manufacturing company, “Out!” Is the company we will be discussing. Recently, a young couple bought the ever so popular, urine removal product (pictured below.) However, they never expected the turmoil that would soon unfold.

Upon following the directions and applying the product onto their pet’s urine, they discovered that the product actually did more harm than good. While it did remove the urine, it also destroyed the carpet (pictured below,) clogged their vaccuum, and rendered it innoperable.

However, it was the company’s response to this that has lead them to be on “WoC.” When confronted, the company stated that the customer was at fault for the damages. Although, the young couple followed their directions, they were at fault?

I took the time to visit with the couple, who were obvious upset. They told me that they originally only wanted a refund for the product. However, now they are wanting the company to pay for the repairs of their vaccuum and carpet.

I also took time to look at the damages, needless to say, I will not be buying their product anytime soon. The bottomline to this is fairly simple. When a company produces a product and that product fails, it is more ethical to address the customer’s concerns. So far, this company, based on various emails, has dragged the situation out for more than a week. Who is in the right? What do you think?

Kentucky mother terrorizes man with depression

Recently, we spoke to the victim of a really sick form of harassment. John (name witheld per request) is a truck driver. Recently, he took a trip to Kentucky as he was to be driving teams. So, with this in mind, he decided to meet thean he would be driving with.

According to him, Nikki (name also witheld) and him started out as friends. Being that he was in unfamiliar grounds, he was doing his best to adapt. However, things quickly took a horrible turn for the worst.

According to John, who provided audio recordings, Nikki discussed a custody issue involving one of her children. During this discussion, she began discussing her husband. She made claims of adultry and how she was going to divorce upon completion of the said custody issue. It was, during this discussion, John stated, “nothing in life is certain, aside from death.” Little did he know what he had just triggered.

Within 24 hours, the police were at the front door questioning him on a death threat he had made. Speaking to witnesses, they claimed he was very obviously confused by the accusation. Within minutes, John was escorted from the property via police. It is here te story should had ended.

However, he still had a co-driver there. The two, according to provided logs, drove for about a week. What he did not know, was Nikki had been calling his boss daily, trying to cost him his job.

During the calls, she told John’s boss that he was demonically possessed and he threatned to kill her children and husband in their sleep. He had planned to run away with her. All of the claims having no merit. We looked further into Nikki and found that she had a pattern for this sort of behavior. We had learned, John was not the first victim she had.

Above, is a portion of the discussion between John and his boss. He says he lost a lot of money due to the actions of Nikki. He claims she willfully, maliciously, and knowingly caused him mental distress, trauma when police were involved, ad well as various other crimes. We are posting this because we want to help John get an attorney. Simply put, we hate bullies and this woman is as vile as they come.