About War on Corruption

War on Corruption made its debut in 2013 by a former correctional officer. Originally designed with the intent to expose the corruption within law enforcement agencies, the simple mission set. Since that time, War on Corruption has continued to grow and evolve, becoming something more than what anybody could have ever predicted; a small platform with only a dozen people has now gained thousands.

In the beginning, a simple question would become War on Corruption’s slogan. A friend asked the simple question, “why are you starting a media platform if that’s going to prevent you from ever going back into law enforcement?” The answer, “Because somebody has to fight for the truth.” With that, the slogan, “Fight 4 Truth” was created.

The goal of the platform has always been to provide accurate information to the general public. For this reason, War on Corruption has been known to alter articles to reflect new information as it became known. While some may claim that to be a negative, the WoC platform has always seen that as a positive. In the eyes of the platform, it demonstrates the willingness to be transparent and to change as information becomes available. It shows that the platform is not willing to keep incorrect, or incomplete, information public.

Over the years, War on Corruption has developed a small team. Moving forward, War on Corruption is gearing up for official business ventures, turning the platform into something even bigger than before. As such, the platform has already decided on complying with EEOC regulations. The platform also hopes to become a place where former criminals may find a second chance within society, doing something to change a small portion of the world.

We encourage you to join the War on Corruption movement, rather it be a paid subscription, or simply somebody who shares are content, every action matters. With that, on behalf of the War on Corruption team, we want to welcome you to the Fight 4 truth.

An independent media platform dedicated to sharing accurate news.

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