A system of money: America’s legal system

For anybody who has dealings with the judicial system, it is clear that the system is in complete ruin. This is especially true for the innocent. The CPS/DFS system holds your children hostage, forcing families to jump through hoops. The criminal system are using the lives of people as tokens for convictions, not because of established guilt, but because it supplies the state with funding. In both cases, law enforcement are enacted for the frontline assault.

Family court circus

The CPS/DFS arena claim to be for protecting the children. However, as millions have, or will learn, they appear to only be protecting their income at the expense of families. Through manipulation, extortion, and abuse, the agenies force parents into submission. If the parents fail to submit, their children are adopted out. If the parents try to fight or envoke their Constitutionally protected rights, again, their children are adopted out.

For the families who do successfully beat this system, they are left with a lifetime of trauma. Many find themselves always looking over their shoulders, living in fear, and countless psychological traumas that take years to heal from, though they never fully recover.

Law enforcement/Corrections

For the broken system, law enforcement are the frontlines. For those who have the misfortune of dealing with them, they find themselves in a losing scenerio. This fact is especially true in criminal accusations, or if the officer simply thinks a crime has taken place. There is a great deal of trauma and stress that comes to the parties involved. Depression, anxiety, and anger are just a few examples. The defending party finds themselves in a war against a system that every reason to slam a conviction above anything else.

From the moment an investigation begins, the objective is to establish guilt, not conclude rather or not there is guilt to be established. The reason behind this is actually simple: convictions bring revenue to the state. In turn that brings revenue to the counties and investigating agencies. In other words, the defending parties become a bartering chip in a legalized scheme to get money.

After the investigation, there is a risk of being charged. This can be a terrifying thought, especially for somebody who is innocent. For those individuals, they face an entirely new enemy: a court system that thrives at the expense of your freedom. A highly questionable tactic used by this system comes in the forms of plea deals. These “deals” attempt to force an already terrified person into admitting guilt for a lessor sentence. Sadly, as a result to fear, many accept this in hopes of just moving on with their lives. Meanwhile, the state has destroyed what was potentially an innocent life without having to prove anything.

After the court system comes the risk of prison. While the prison system maintains thst it is about “correcting” the behavior, this is far from the reality. In fact, this system could be considered slave labor filled with abuse.

Prisons are controlled by the officers. However, they are primarily operated by the inmates. The inmates hold various jobs, though they may only make around $2.00-$5.00 a week, if they’re lucky. The inmates run the risk of being attacked by both, fellow inmates and the gaurds. If attacked by fellow inmates, the only thing they can do is hope the gaurds come to the rescue. If for whatever reason the attacker is a gaurd, there won’t be any assistance.

In cases to which a gaurd has to get physical with an inmate, an investigation into it will be conducted. Sadly for the inmate, that investigation is conducted by the very prison to which they reside. As a result, there is a very high chance that it will simply be closed with all consequences going to the inmate.


There is no one particular system that is broken. In fact, the system is doing exactly as it has been designed. Sadly, for the thousands of people who find themselves trapped within this system, they are fighting against a force that has been designed to work against them. Regardless of their outcomes, they quickly learn that some traumas never go away.