A chat with an officer (Photo gallery)

You may recall our previous article, Police department exposed. Since the time of this article, the department’s chief made contact with one of the WoC team, who had questions regarding their policies. In these photos, you will see how this law enforcement “professional” acts toward our team. She goes as far as to accusing him of being a completely different individual, citing that she “checked” into him. Though she is never clear on what this means, we have a pretty solid theory that she utilized her powers, as a law enforcement officer, to conduct some sort of background on the man. Of course, this is only a theory as she refused to explain what she meant. What we found to be disturbing is the amount of hostility received.

When reading the responses, our team couldn’t help but be stunned at her aggression. What started out as a simple question, regarding how a man was denied a job, turned into accusations, hostility, and a complete disregard of professionalism. In essence, her behavior only served to prove the previous article we wrote on the department and it’s past.

Upon saying “Have a good life,” I decided it was best to not push the subject any further. It had become abundantly clear that this officer was anything but professional, a simple question quickly escalated into an outright verbal altercation. While the individual I was asking about had no comment himself, those related to him did. It was those people who initially brought this to our attention. Though it could be seen as a small ordeal, it really lead us to question the concept of “innocence” within the legal system. In the end, it was that concept that lead us to even look into it.

Even with her “check,” it’s already been established that this department fails in many ways. Their idea of a background check is going to a site, “ODCR” and simply looking at court documents, and doing a poor job of that. They utilize a few “public information” sites beyond this. However, this is not a proper background investigation. If anything, it shows that this department is incapable of performing its duties.

To tell any member of our team that she had “looked” into us, is laughable, given the above reason. However, if she did than what she just confessed to is not only a violation of privacy laws, it’s outright illegal. The police can’t just look into people simply for questioning them or their department. However, she admits to doing that very thing. What’s worst about the fact she did this? She’s the one trained to do this sort of thing and she couldn’t even get the facts right when making her accusation. This, alongside her mannerisms, really leads me to ask, “does this department have anybody competent working at it?” So far, that’s unknown.

Above are a couple of reviews left about the department.