Who is Gabe? A predator revealed

We came across this story by mere chance. At first, Gabe (@GabeTheSamurai) appeared to be a man who simply liked to cross-dress. When I saw the tweet regarding him, it made accusations regarding sexual advances. Of course, I made the big mistake of “jumping ship.” Initially, the images seemed harmless as there was nothing sexual about them, it appeared to be a smear campaign. Within the images, all Gabe had said, “you’re very pretty.” What I didn’t know, at that time, was the twisted backstory associated with such a harmless compliment.

Though we don’t know much about Gabe outside of the internet, he has done more than enough online for us to piece aspects of who he is together. With more than fifteen confirmed victims, Gabe has left a trail of abuse, manipulation, and trauma within his path. While he has a habit of targeting young adults, his first victim, who we will simply call “Patient Zero,” was only fifteen years old.

During the course of their interaction, Gabe allegedly stated that he would wait until she was sixteen before dating her; however, even this behavior is disturbing. As with all of his victims, Gabe began his contact innocently, gaining trust and sympathy. Sadly, for his victims, they were unaware of the grooming that was actually taking place.

In many instances, predators utilize emotional manipulation. By gaining sympathy, trust, and friendship, the groomer strives to get the targets’ trust. While this is horribly affective, for the groomer, it has a risk factor. The more victims, and enemies, they gain, the harder it is to establish these things. As in the case of Gabe, his victims have successfully united, speaking out against the predator, and exposing him for his deeds.

As a united force, they are showing the world how a predator operates. He gains friendship via casual discussion. Once he gains this he moves onto sympathy. He begins discussing his cross-dressing, being embarassed by it, and thus makes his victim sympathetic toward him. He then proceeds to ask questions regarding cross-dressing, wearing bras, that sort of thing. For Gabe, this appears to be the foundation to his pattern. It is, at this point, the conversation begins to contort into the disturbing realm.

In at least one conversation, Gabe had “accidently” sent an image of himself. The photo showed him laying down, shirt pulled up to his chin as he allegedly masturbated. Upon sending the image, he said, “[paraphrasing] oh my God, I didn’t mean to send that.” Given the extensive list of other women he had sexually harassed, his claim remains doubtful.

All of his conversations have disturbing elements. When I learned of the photo, the manipulation, the grooming, all of a sudden “you’re very pretty” took on an entirely new light. However, the circus of Gabe doesn’t end there.

His victims are left with the situation of having to reblock him. Because of his behaviors on Twitter, it is common practice for his account to get banned. While this would stop most people, Gabe simply creates a new account, with a new name. As predators do best, he again targets his victims. Unlike the first contact, he tags them in posts, attempts to discredit them, and continues to harass them in private message. Even upon being blocked, the destructive behavior against them continues.

As with the Onision situation, we attempted to make contact with Gabe. Because he had private messaging disabled, we did this in public. The tweet reads as follows:
“@GabetheSamurai I am reaching out to you for comment in regards to the various women you preyed upon. I attempted to email you but was unable to do so. My question is simply this: Do you, in amy way, feel remorse for hpw you’ve treated these women?” However, as of the time we released this article, Gabe had not responded. Should he decide to do so, we will gladly update this article with his answer.

Quick notation: Another habit of Gabe’s is using mental health issues as a reason behind his behavior. He justifies his various abuses by stating that he takes medications for these issues. While mental health is a serious issue, it is not an excuse.


While we have yet to hear from Gabe directly, we were able to obtain his version of events from an anonymous source.


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