The Daily Haze attacked with false claim!


24 hours after releasing this article, Meko Haze recieved a letter to cease. Below are the images.

A very disturbing trend floating around activists who deal with children, is the pedo claim. If you disagree, correct, or simply meet the wrong person, you may get accused. Doing what we do, it shouldn’t be a surprise that a claim would be made against a journalist. Thankfully, this time it wasn’t anybody associated with our platform.


The Daily Haze, in the past, has always proven itself to be a reliable and trustworthy media source. In the past, we have shared many of their articles. In fact, we have even gone as far as to write a few some years back.

Although, until now, we have never addressed any claim made against its founder, Meko Haze, this one we felt compelled to. The accusation, quoted by “The Daily Haze,” is shown below. The accuser, Amelia Duran.

The accusation is fairly blunt. The claim is that Meko believes that pedophilia doesn’t harm children. The way it is worded almost makes it sound as if he is content with the act. There is just two issues here:

1. We have had many discussions with Meko, over the years. At no point had he ever given us this impression.

2. Her unwillingness to display any form of evidence. In fact, she outright states that she won’t. Why is that?

I had intended to question her about the claim, ask for the evidence myself. However, according to Meko, she had blocked him. Being that I knew for a fact that they were friends, I checked. Sure enough, he was no longer on her friends-list. This sudden block confirmed exqctly what we thought:

1. She made a false accusation, and got caught.

2. When confronted with actual facts, she eliminated the source. This tactic is to prevent other people from seeing the confrontation; people do this so to not tarnish their lie.

We looked into Amelia, following this claim. According to an anonymous source and friend, she is proned to alcoholism. Furthermore, she is pro ed to making posts such as this, accusing people of various things. Even if she isn’t an alcoholic and our source is wrong, she still tried to make a devestating claim against a respected journalist.

We have advocated before against false alegations. The damage they cause is often unrepairable. Although a few people will always take a person’s word for gold, we choose to stand with Meko and his platform, “The Daily Haze.

Trucking for free

The trucking industry, by no means, is an easy job. The drivers have to deal with lumpers, shippers, road hazards, and their respective companies. With all of this, you would expect these men/women to be treated with dignity and respect. However, that is not the case. The reality is, drivers are often underpaid, if they get paid at all, abused, and treated like scum. With that, and the help of a truck driver, we are exposing one of the biggest corruption outside the government.

The driver, who wishes to remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation, has given us much to compose this article with. As a driver, he is classified as an owner operator, leasing to buy a semi. It is his story that we have chosen to cover.

Provided by this driver, we see he actually made a good paycheck for just one week of work. $633.96 is something most of us would kill for. Upon initially looking at this, we had to ask the question, “what’s the problem”? Afterall, that is good pay. A short time later, we were shown the problem.

While he made over $600, mysteriously enough, he never actually made that. In no other industry have we seen a check variation like this. According to the driver, he had outstanding balances, but these aren’t reflected on his checkstub. Why is that?

So, doing what we do, we asked questions: Where did his money go? How deeply corrupted is this industry? Let’s start with this driver’s intel.


From what we are told, most of the actual work conducted by truck drivers goes unpaid. While every other industry is required to pay for services rendered, apparently this industry is exempt. Unpaid work, according to our source, goes as follows:

  1. Pre-trip inspections
  2. Post-trip inspections
  3. DOT side of road inspections
  4. Checking in/out of shippers and recievers.
  5. Lost hours from extensive dock times.
  6. Only paid zipcode to zipcode, not paid for in city driving.

And the list goes on. Apparently, the trucking industry is exempt from many of the labor laws that are mandated in other fields of work. To make matters worst, these people have nobody to turn to for help.


Another aspect that was brought to our attention, is the unfair treatment to drivers. RTI, Celedon, Knight, and many other companies, have policies that dilebritly target drivers.

We asked for an example of such unfair treatment; he was quick to reply. Recently he had ran out of hours given to him for driving. The reason was the reciever taking to long. Now, to backtrack just a bit. Early this year, DOT passed a federal law allowing drivers to drive to a location with parking, even if their clock has run out.

This driver utilized this new law and immediately was written up. The company placed blame on him claiming he should had made them work faster. If you are scratching your heads, at this point, so are we. Regardless, this is their logic, he claims. We asked for documentation, which he provided. However, we cannot provide that here since it has personal information contained within it.

We may do a series on this, as it is almost never covered. Our job, as a media, is to give a voice to those who feel they don’t have one; it is our hope we are giving this individual his voice to be heard.

Sorry: 501c3 not found.


We have been hearing a lot of interesting things about a Francesca Amato. Now, before we really dig into this, I must say that nobody with WoC has ever heard of this woman prior to this article. All information provided is purely based on our observations, findings, and creditable source information. All source information was given anonymously. Their names will not be provided in this article, in email, or private messaging.


When we began this article, we were actually looking into P4P’s North Carolina chapter leader, Danielle Hatcher. We had heard rumors of corruption within the “501c3” and decided it was something worth looking into. Upon looking into Hatcher, we had stumbled across an image posted to Social Media. That image is below.

We found this to be rather interesting. Although we don’t know why she is currently in jail, a disturbing rumor has circulated regarding the advocate. The rumor states as follows:

At some point, while in jail, Ms. Hatcher took it upon herself to use feces as a method for “finger painting.”

As we stated, this is a rumor and is currently not proven. However, it was this rumor that lead us to look a little bit deeper. What is this organization that she helps manage?


We did a 501c3 check on P4P. The reason for this was because, according to the organization’s website, they had a 501c3 status. Well, we looked and we found nothing called, “Punished for Protecting,” “Punished for Parenting,” “Punished 4 Protecting,” or “Punished for Parenting.” To put this blatently, as far as we can tell, this 501c3 does not exist; but don’t they claim to be one?

Yes, yes they do.

We gave them a benefit of a doubt. Maybe they meant charity rather than 501c3. We conducted an identical search with the same results.

So if they aren’t found on New York’s list of charities or 501c3 organizations, what exactly are they? Well, I don’t think we need to state it but we know you can compose the conclusion. Since we couldn’t find it on any list, we decided to look into the founder.


Francesca Amato is the woman behind this “organization.” According to a Facebook page (depicted below,) she is running for NY governor. Well, we already found one issue, so we looked into that as well. What we found was equally as disturbing as the previous findings; there were no obtainable records that she is, or has, ever ran for a political position…and yet she makes the claim.

To be a politician, that means you have to actually be running, or are currently in office. When we checked into this, as previously mentioned, there were no obtainable records. The reason these records are unobtainable is purely because they do not exist.

But, as we also stated, she claims to be actively running. Now, we could point out other problems on this page, such as her using a gmail account rather than an actual account linked to her “political” website, but we decided to just briefly mention the one issue.


Based upon what we had seen and the evidence, as it stands. We are presently at the conclusion that her, the organization, and its leaders, are scamming desperate people out of their money. But, as it always stands within the WoC policy, should we find evidence that contradicts this information, we will happily revise this article.

Sources have, on seperate occasions, told us who she associates with. In fact, we have articles on several of them for corruption, etc. Currently, the only supporting evidence we have, is a video that Ms. Amato herself did. In the video, she makes mention of good people being slandered. It is, at this point, we briefly saw the profile of a person that we had deemed to be a very real danger to others. However, by all means, come to your own conclusions.