Guilty of the “maybe.”

Image blurred to protect the identities of the parties in the photo. There is no evidence to support the the claims within the post.

The above post is an all to common accusation. So, being that we support innocent until proven guilty, we are going to objectively breakdown this post. As you can see, the images contain red boxes. These are areas of interest.

A young mother, name currently withheld, went to a location called “Bootanica. Like many places, we can presume this is a family based place. So, why is this guy so special?

In the above posting, the mother makes the claim that the man is a “potential pedophile.” Now, anybody who has been wrongfully accused of this, can tell you just how lethal a claim like this can be. The term itself, “potential,” implies a sense of doubt. She claims the man was staring at young girls, let’s address this.

Once again they are at a busy location, this is later stated by the poster. Behind this man, is a young girl who is apparently with him. Now, this is where it becomes a bit of a contradiction. She states that she, in fact, was watching them closely. The girl, sitting down, did not appear to be in any distress. So, it can be presumed that she felt rather safe with this man.

Now, as most people do, they tend to glance or watch people as they pass. So, if somebody walks by you and you look at them, does that mean you are “up to no good?” No. Only a complete nimrod would make that claim. By nature, humans just tend to observe their surroundings.

Now the poster goes on to claim that an unknown father suggests he was following her. Again, let’s crack this egg. Looking at the unblurred image, it is clear this location has sidewalks. She says there were “thousands of people” there. With that said, I can bet a lot of people were “following” her…or maybe just going in the same direction?

Keep in mind, however, this is just a theory. I am thinking that he was a guy spending time with his daughter, and had the misfortune of crossing this paranoid woman’s path. It is claims like this that ruin people’s lives. Because of false claims, or claims with no actual evidence, people have had dealings with CPS, delt with depression, and even developed PTSD from the experience. So, when making a claim that somebody is a pedophile, please have more than a story to enforce it.