For sometime now, War on Corruption has been relatively silent. There are many reasons for this, all will be addressed here. This article is primarily an update, an explanation behind this silence. In other words, you deserve an explanation.

501c3: 2017

If you followed WoC last year, than you may already be aware of this situation. However, if you hadn’t, here we go. Last year, MAFA LLC, ran by Rosemary Dalton, came under attack. More specifically, she was attacked in various ways, including religious beliefs.

As a long time friend of the organization, and Ms. Dalton, we took a stand against the slanderous events unfolding. It was, to our dismay, the attack was refocused on us. The primary method of attack was the pedophile claim.

Although nothing actually confirmed the attack, the attack was repeated over a course of about 8 months. Our founder attempted to get an EPO against Phil Worland and his 501c3 and was met with a summons to a Missouri court; the victim, our founder, was issued an epo, regardless of the obvious evidence displaying he was the victim.

Witnesses attending the small Troy, MO. court, have all agreed that it was clear that the instigator, stalker, etc. knew the people working in the court, judge included. Thankfully, this EPO ran out on 09/02/2018, giving us the ability to discuss this in plain view.

Our founder, following these events, had what I can only describe as a complete mental breakdown. At this time, I made the decision to place him on sabbatical and operate WoC whenever I was able to.


As most may not be aware, “War on Corruption,” is completely funded out of our pockets. This means that, due to the attacks of 2017, us losing an investment that we nearly obtained, we are now struggling to keep this platform going. Currently, we are discussing the possibilities of accepting contributions; at this time, we have made no final decision regarding this matter.


As of this article, we are planning to resume our normal functions, getting the cobwebs out of the gears, if you will. The attacks had gone silent around 02/2018. As we have been informed, by multiple sources, the attacker, and associated people, eventually lost all merit and are no longer a threat. With this article, WoC returns.