Judge and jury

Recently, War on Corruption recieved the biggest blow we could had anticipated, the loss of one of our own. As some of you maybe aware, our lead journalist and friend, Matt, recently resigned from his own platform. With his loss, however, we have continued to push forward as best we can.

It was with much hesitation that he made the call to leave. “We both know this psychopath will stop at nothing to destroy me as a person; we both know I will fall,” the solemn explanation behind his choice. For months, the rest of us had watched the malicious attack, the alteration of information as a 501c3 continued to violate, not only its own bylaws, but the law as well.

As of the time of this writing, Matt attempted to obtain a protection order. However, due to the interaction being third party, it was declined. As a result, past he has spoken to me, he has fled his childhood town and is now in hiding; meanwhile, the assailant filed a retalitory order.

The issue here has hit critical levels. When a man gives up everything he worked toward, flees his home in fear, and gives his passwords to those he trusts in hopes his work will continue, this is a problem. While our dozens of contacts continue to collect evidence in defense of our friend, the assailant continues to destroy his image.

However, he isn’t the only one who is being called a pedophile. When we checked back into the evidence we had gathered for Matt, a pattern was made clear. Rosemary, Deb, Bob, Carrie, Matt, and Paul are just a few who have been given the pedo belt by the assailant. Now, let’s break down a pattern.

The assailant and Matt had a falling out over a year ago over an article he

had apparently written. In this article, he questioned the assailant’s ability to operate an organization, why? The reason was due to a woman he was attacking on his group (group name withheld.)

Deb, Bob, Carrie, and Paul all had falling outs with the assailant over various reasons. While, to some extent, a hack did occur, it was not a true hack. In reality, from what we have seen, the assailant’s accounts were accessed using their password, this is a hijack, not a hack. The other thing to note here is this, Deb and Carrie were board members of the attacking organization. As for Rosemary, she was a client, he was her advocate during a DFS case. When she defended her friend against the pedophile claim, she too was made a target.

The pattern here should be obvious. All of these people have two things in common:

1. They all angered the assailant.

2. They all were his friends who had some form of falling out with the unsub.

As a result, all of these people have been deemed pedophiles or pedophile enablers. The same accusation for so many people? When you truly reflect on this concept, one has to wonder, “how valid are these claims?” “Why the obsession on pedophiles?” And, of course, “how does one end up being surrounded by so many, if they actually were?”

There really is no way to answer what is going on in the assailant’s head, if anything at all. What we can see is a clear sign of mental instability. In fact, this instability was so severe that one woman got a protection order, a man fled his home, and they are all working on legal action.

The entire situation reminds me of a child who has had his candy stolen. He cries to mommy, for attention, and he throws a tantrum. For this situation, the tantrum went to far. While I still remain in contact with Matt, it is certain to presume that he has no intention of returning to War on Corruption. It is, with that act, an incompetent loon won.