501c3 evidence: screenshots

This information demonstrates the harassment commenced on several individuals by the unsub. You will see information that also gives a glimpse unto the mindset of the individual. As of now, our lead journalist has had a protection order filed against him. Just as it was in Ms. Dalton’s case, it was done maliciously and as a form of retaliation, a crime we plan to pursue. This information is being provided as is. For this reason, duplicates may exist. The following images are provided so that:

1. Other victims may have easy access to evidence for their cases.

2. A warning to victims who have yet to be revictimized.

3. To demonstrate the reality of how the subject represents himself, his organization, and his clients.

War on Corruption is providing this information solely for informational purposes as well as a form of legal documentation for other victims. We will, as with the other, update this as needed.

While attempting to sever a six year friendship Ms. Kemble attempted to convince me to close WoC.
Because he felt our lead journalist “slandered” him, we are making these gallaries. You can decide for yourself.