Official WoC statement regarding Mr. Worland

As a child victim of Child Protective Services (CPS,) it has always been my passion to help victimized families. I fight corruption with my media platforms, WoC and former MAFA LLC medias. The MAFA media is why this statement is being written.

Recently, “United Bikers for Unjust Causes and Tragedies” founder and president, Phil Worland, began a smear campaign against M.A.F.A LLC president, Rosemary Dalton and myself. In this Libely slanderous campaign, Mr. Worland allegies that Ms. Dalton was hiding a pedophile. The alleged pedophile was me.

However, this was innacurate as I am not on any sex offender list. Evidence taken from a State website below.

The site I attempted to pull my nonexistant name is based out of Oklahoma, where Mr. Worland claimed I am on the registry. However, by his own admission, he came after me for protecting MAFA and Rosemary from his smear campaign against her. However, as shown, Mr. Worland knew he was giving false information.

By his own admission, and for the third time, he admits to giving false information. First, Mr. Worland alleged me to being a pedophile. I proceeded to upload my ID containing my full name. Once he admitted he was wrong, I uploaded that information as well.

Second, Mr. Worland smeared the name of Luis Anthony Ewing. The allegation was that he and I were the same person. Yet another claim Mr. Worland could not get correct. Instead, he only further discredited his organization and himself.

Mr. Worland would not cease until I resigned from MAFA. My resignation was not an easy one as I was/am passionate about the organization’s work. I resigned because Mr. Worland would not stop degrading Ms. Dalton with insults until I did so. Upon my resignation, he admitted to Mrs. Dalton that my resignation was all he wanted.

Again, by his own confession, he was forcing MAFA to do his will. Mr. Worland claims to be exposing the “fakes.” It is with this in mind, we write this very statement.

Mr. Worland admits he attacked me for doing my job as defined by MAFA LLC.
What Mr. Worland has done stretches beyond slander, it is outright terroristic! He used blunt force to retraumatize and force victims to do as he willed. He used their traumas as a weapon against them. Because of this, MAFA LLC, Media no longer exists. He has done unrepairable damage, with no regard, to victims. He has smeared innocent people, organizations, and advocates.

Mr. Worland, through extreme use of fear and bullying, is why I stepped down from an organization I respected, loved, and cherished. A page, which has reflected his organization since 2015, has operated a page called, “The truth is out.” But, with so many apologies, how “out” is the truth really when it comes to him? Simply put, none because he attacks any and everybody who disagrees with him; this much, his actions have already demonstrated and verified.

Phil terrorizing Rosemary, this is why I resigned.

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