In the shadows: child predator busted

A parent’s worst fear is to learn that their children are in danger. It is even worst when we learn that the child has not only been groomed, but they actually believe these predators love them. For one anonymous mother, this fear has become reality.

The mother recently discovered that her daughter, “Jane,” has become a target for child predator, Danny Upchurch. Although it remains unclear as to how long they have spoken, his conditioning is clear. In fact, the young teen denies being in any form of danger.

Danny, in the image above, is clearly wanting a child with the 15yo. Disturbing right? Although this, within itself, is disturbing, it gets worst. When reviewing the images obtained by undisclosed sources, we found his reason for wanting this child.

Yes, you have read this correctly. Upon having a child, he desires to have sex with the child upon turning ten. Further into the conversation, he explains that if the child is male, she is to have sex with him. At one point, he even discusses a threesome.

What we have here is beyond horrific. This man, who walks freely, could potentially have other victims. It is cases such as this, that lead me to do what I do. People like this should be exposed, arrested, and the key thrown away. Simply stated, monitor your children, especially online.

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  1. Dang Matt, (don’t post this, just delete it.) I just found out from Phil who you were> But since you are a Friend, that’s what we do is confront Predators that harrass our people on Google. Before I started Our site in 2014, my Brother and I took women and Children out of dangerous environments.
    We have never been introduced, I’ll get Phil to do that.
    Later My Friend.

      1. It’s all good My Friends, I am talking with Phil as we speak.
        You know, it is BS that they give these people little hand slaps and let them right back out. They are stealing a Child’s Future every time they molest one.

      2. That is one reason the article was written. When I saw the images within, I was appauled. If anything, I do hope the article serves as a wakeup call to other parents.

      3. My Friends, from what I’ve seen, few parents care about anything other than their own little self.
        Except, of course, the one’s that want to make their Children transgender.
        I got my post done on Our blog.
        You guys have a great morning,

      4. I do not know what transgender has to do with this. WoC is a huge supporter of the LGBT community. This parent is concerned for her daughter’s safety, and rightly so. Sadly, sick people prey on the innocent.

      5. Yes, sadly people prey on the innocent, and Children are the closest thing to innocent.
        What adults do in private is none of my business, and contrary to what people say, the Bible says the first 2 most important commandments are #1 Love The Lord GOD with all you heart, spirit, and strength.
        #2 Love thy neighbor as The Lord GOD has loved you.
        SO, I believe there has never been but very little AGAPE – Unconditional Love
        AND very little Philia and Storge – Deep Best Friend Love and REAL Family Love
        Mostly only EROS – Physical Love
        From the beginning of time until now, and I do mean every human that has ever lived.
        With this being said, if 2 people truly love each other, they have something very few people on this earth has ever had.
        Making a transgender Child is Felony Child Abuse, for the simple fact that they take prepubescent Children and give them puberty blockers, which are classified as dangerous drugs.
        THEN, they give them a regiment of very dangerous drugs so these “Children” can mimic or pass themselves off as the opposite gender.
        AND YES, I always have documented proof of what I publish, OR as much as the other side has got if the subject-matter is based on theory.
        This is not based on theory, so I have the PDF from The American Pediatrics College sent to Congress and The Supreme Court.
        I am a Steward for Our Children, besides what I told you we did for many years, my Team went into Mexico and brought out kidnapped Children 4 times.
        You guys keep up the good work,

        SCIO TE

      6. The thing I am not understanding is what transgenderism has to do with what this article is about. Good that your team did that, it is very dangerous work. If you don’t mind, I am curious about this evidence you have. This is an area I never considered studying. Of course, when it comes to ending the corruption, the pool is very deep.

      7. Come on now, a bright individual like yourself is driven to a certain degree. You didn’t strike me as a one-hit-wonder(a term I coined long ago, that described a major percentage of the computer science graduates that spent their time “hacking”(LOL), instead of studying, so they would graduate within the top 3 of the class, and also they would know and be proficient in more than just basic).
        Knowledge is at our very finger-tips, all that is needed is the desire to learn, and therefore know.
        First, I can’t help but feel slightly offended, and believe your failure to “understand”is due to a certain amount of prejudice or simple close-mindedness.
        Second, I used a non-word, transgender, the correct word is Gender Dysphoria, and I described the process perfectly, and there should have been no doubt that this fit right in with people that sexually abuse Children.
        Now, you tell me why anyone in their right mind would take a Child who is nearing puberty, and have them given puberty blockers, which is a regimen of drugs, to impersonate the opposite sex.
        While I have no time to care what anyone does in the privacy of their home, I take offense at anyone hurting, manipulating, Bullying, or neglecting any Child, and any LGBT has no business being any where near a Child.
        I would have thought you were intelligent enough to know why I did not address your comment about you “NOT KNOWING” what Gender Dysphoria” had to do with this.
        There are “non-words” that Our People do not believe in using except as place-holders, “LUCK” and “TRY” are Losers words, a Winner PREPARES.
        SCIO TE
        Robert Blackhorn StrongBow

      8. In all honesty, I know nothing about the transgender issues, not an area I ever got into as it never pertained to me. Our lead journalist is more into the LGBT thing than I. Could bring it up to him, he may have insight into it.

      9. Brother, I apologize, not knowing you, I misread your intent.
        This issue should have stayed where it belonged, behind bedroom doors.
        2 1/2 years ago I started NOT IN MY WORLD!!!! as a single page on Google, with one thing, beside the fact that we were physically abused and Bullyed until I turned 17, and that was what I was told by Sister Helen Ryan: part of that was that every stat is flawed on purpose here in the U.S.
        Since that time, I have proven all are wrong or extremely flawed, and I have proven the stereo-type for victims of abuse are wrong, particularly the parts where we are underachievers, and at a higher percentage of being abusers to our own children or even pedophiles(this is an out-dated term). Also I have proven that the domestic violence stats are weighted so they can rail-road any men they need to: BUT, the proof has always been there, women abuse Children over 10-13% higher rate.
        My Brother and I are high-speed and driven.
        I took a Head Systems Administrator job straight out of school in 1990 with my knowledge of the OSI Security Model. Because of me, we got a contract to support Windows 3.0, and we built the first data base for Windows. Gates was a heck of a young gun.
        And then IBM was late putting the first accessible pc on the market, by 4 months, they hired us to work the bugs out of the system, most particularly the Dragon software. IBM sent a Team to work with our Team. In less than 2 months, the pc went to market, thanks to 2 Brothers.
        My Little Brother led the IBM Team, and the rest….
        My Friend, the sky is the limit.
        Oh, it was Latin, KNOW THYSELF

  2. I can’t believe you ran this on here. It turns my stomach, I barely maintain just dealing with Our Sites, but my Good Friend knows me very well after I saved his bacon on FB, and does little without involving me. He made me moderator on the group that got this sewer rat busted.
    I’m going to give you a heads up, if you leave this to where they can find it, you are going to be drawing sewer rats like flies. When I laid out Our website, we already had security due to the fact that we started as a single page on Google.
    I knew the Bullys and idiots would show up, and I was ready, problem is, I never dreamed the sub-humans flock to sites like Ours.
    Just so you know, several more are ready I believe, but a 16 year-old that likes to “show” himself to 11 year-old young Ladies is going down anytime.
    I like the message you are sending, The TX AG has cyber resources as does NCMEC that you can run, but this might interest you, I am starting a campaign with the graphic “Your Child Needs You”, maybe with no pic at all. This will hit on cyberpredators, boy-predators at school on the phone, then more serious predators, but that’s when I drop the bomb…. because that’s when I shift the focus to Parenting. I mean illicit drug use and legal drugs, and then BAM, my graphic is suddenly going to say “Your Child Needs You” and right below this, “BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE”.
    Interested? Contact me, I am also Social Media Ambassador for Ark of Hope for Children and an ArkAngel.

    1. Is it really hard to believe we ran this story? We are War on Corruption, this is what we do, we fight corruption. If we be ome a target, oh well, used to that. Let the rats come, we will deal with them when they do.

      1. I was talking about running what this piece of crap said to that young girl. You know he’s already been in prison for 5 years I think.
        Be watching for me, I am coming by your page on FB

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