Popular pet product fails customer

We have all heard the stories, somebody buys a pet product, it fails, and the company refuses to stand by their guarantees of refunding the product. Well, this is sorta like that.

The popular manufacturing company, “Out!” Is the company we will be discussing. Recently, a young couple bought the ever so popular, urine removal product (pictured below.) However, they never expected the turmoil that would soon unfold.

Upon following the directions and applying the product onto their pet’s urine, they discovered that the product actually did more harm than good. While it did remove the urine, it also destroyed the carpet (pictured below,) clogged their vaccuum, and rendered it innoperable.

However, it was the company’s response to this that has lead them to be on “WoC.” When confronted, the company stated that the customer was at fault for the damages. Although, the young couple followed their directions, they were at fault?

I took the time to visit with the couple, who were obvious upset. They told me that they originally only wanted a refund for the product. However, now they are wanting the company to pay for the repairs of their vaccuum and carpet.

I also took time to look at the damages, needless to say, I will not be buying their product anytime soon. The bottomline to this is fairly simple. When a company produces a product and that product fails, it is more ethical to address the customer’s concerns. So far, this company, based on various emails, has dragged the situation out for more than a week. Who is in the right? What do you think?