LAPD officer abuses children, walks free.

This truly is a case to which one must ask, “who are these people that wear a badge?” Well, this story is going to at least discuss this scumbag, an off duty officer who abused children and walked away a free man.

On 2-21-17, a girl, around 13yo had unknowngly walked onto the lawn of a psychotic police officer. The officer, who had a gun hidden under his shirt, walked outside, told the girl to get off his lawn, and then refered to her as a “cunt.” Let that sink in for a moment.

This adult man, who was in possession of a firearm and clearly intended to use it, abuses two children and walks. Upon calling her the derogatory name, a young man defends her against this adult bully. It is, at this point, the situation falls apart.

The officer grabs the child, which is assault, and proceeds to drag him across his yard prior to being tackled. Upon being tackled, the officer falls over some bushes and then proceeds to drag the young man over them, another assault charge.

More of the children surround the officer who then pulls out his gun. At this point, it discharges and grazes his young victim. Now, our sources tell us the two boys have been arrested while this pig only got suspended.

So, let’s get this straight. This officer verbally abuses a young girl, physically assaults a young boy, than assaults him with a deadly weapon. He walks and they get arrested! Welcome to the American judicial system, welcome to code blue.

The two boys, who are currently in custody, face assault charges alongside a few others. Why? Because they stood up to the man in blue, they did what any logical person would had done. Below, we are enclosing the raw video. Watch it and see for yourself.

Kansas woman bullied, deceased child used in attack


We recieved a picture that shows the name of the poster. It is, because of this information, we are concluding the aggrrssors were, in fact, not the ones who initiated the problem. We are providing the picture below.


We have obtained some videos that shed more light into this story. It appears, rather or not, Alexis started this, the guilt isn’t just hers. The situation truly appears to be more two-sided. Below, are the videos. The videos are sent to us from an anonymous source.

Original article:

When it comes to cyber bullying, history has already shown us what the results can be. However, for one Salina resident, she bravely blasted her attackers online. It was, for this reason, we contacted her regarding this article.

For Taylor, being engaged to the love of her life has been no easy feat. On occasion, her attackers Alexis Camese (pictured above,) and her friend, Jessika Meredith, have gone above trying to make her life a living hell.

Alexis, who is employed at OCCK inc., of Salina Ks. apparently has a fanatical interest in terrorizing Taylor. Why? Well, Taylor’s fianceĆ© once dated Alexis’ friend Jessika. Basically, this is the classic “psychopthic ex girlfriend” scenerio.

Now, I won’t bother addressing her poor usage of the English language or her terrible spelling here. What I will address is where this conversation ended up going. Taylor was once pregnant with a child, whom she lost sadly. As a result, Alexis, and her friend Jessika, have used this tragedy as a weapon.

Because the conversation consisted of voice clips, we are unable to present the actual abuses. However, statements regarding defecating into the infant’s ashes were made. It is this statement that War on Corruption has decided to blast this epic pile of waste.

We know Taylor has been victimized by these girls on multiple occasions. The lack of intelligence, compassion, and even human life is very clear to see here. It is, with this in mind, we will continue to monitor this and update as needed.