Kentucky mother terrorizes man with depression

Recently, we spoke to the victim of a really sick form of harassment. John (name witheld per request) is a truck driver. Recently, he took a trip to Kentucky as he was to be driving teams. So, with this in mind, he decided to meet thean he would be driving with.

According to him, Nikki (name also witheld) and him started out as friends. Being that he was in unfamiliar grounds, he was doing his best to adapt. However, things quickly took a horrible turn for the worst.

According to John, who provided audio recordings, Nikki discussed a custody issue involving one of her children. During this discussion, she began discussing her husband. She made claims of adultry and how she was going to divorce upon completion of the said custody issue. It was, during this discussion, John stated, “nothing in life is certain, aside from death.” Little did he know what he had just triggered.

Within 24 hours, the police were at the front door questioning him on a death threat he had made. Speaking to witnesses, they claimed he was very obviously confused by the accusation. Within minutes, John was escorted from the property via police. It is here te story should had ended.

However, he still had a co-driver there. The two, according to provided logs, drove for about a week. What he did not know, was Nikki had been calling his boss daily, trying to cost him his job.

During the calls, she told John’s boss that he was demonically possessed and he threatned to kill her children and husband in their sleep. He had planned to run away with her. All of the claims having no merit. We looked further into Nikki and found that she had a pattern for this sort of behavior. We had learned, John was not the first victim she had.

Above, is a portion of the discussion between John and his boss. He says he lost a lot of money due to the actions of Nikki. He claims she willfully, maliciously, and knowingly caused him mental distress, trauma when police were involved, ad well as various other crimes. We are posting this because we want to help John get an attorney. Simply put, we hate bullies and this woman is as vile as they come.

Kaitlyn: A sad end

The believed location of the suicide.

On January second I had the misfortune of observing the death of 12yo Kaitlyn Nicole Davis. A young child, full of life, had decided to end hers on December 30, 2016. Why did this child feel this way? With that question, I began my investigation.

In her online diary, which has since been removed, Kaitlyn told of a horrific home life. She accuses her mother of being addicted to medication, her step-father as a pedophile. And, upon investigation, I learned this was just the doorway into the hell she endured.

Youtube channel, “Justice4Kaitlyn,” jas posted several home videos. Among these videos, is an altercation between Kaitlyn and her mother. The video, although nobody is seen, we can hear clearly hear the mother issuing multiple threats of harm to her kids. Kaitlyn confronts her mother about the drug use as well as an affair. I was begining to see the big picture.

The video only gives us a small window to look through. However, I had a pretty good idea as to what she endured daily. As if this wasn’t bad enough, the video clearly shows that Kaitlyn was, in fact, parenting her siblings. At one point she is asked why she hadn’t spanked one of her siblings. To this, Kaitlyn informs her mother thst she is not their parent, she is a child. A clear case of neglect. However, what about the other accusations?

As we speak, local police have opened up a case,based upon the the diary. Although I am positive that Kaitlyn’s neglectful parents drove her to suicide, it is still unknown as to rather or not sexual abuse had occured. For this information, we only have the imprinted words of a girl who lost the war within her mind.

There is nothing positive about this case. Even now, I have yet to address the topic via Youtube simply because I do not know how. To sit and watch a child take her own life was bothersome; the image, even now, haunts my mind. What I am learning about her family is simply disturbing. For this reason, I began using the hashtag, #JusticeForKaitlyn. Please, show your support and make this hashtag spread.