TSA: Your rights violated. Part I

We all know what events have unfolded enlight of 9/11. Extra security, enhightened precautions, the typical Governmental precautions. Now, I could go into how precautions should had been taken years ago. After all, that wasn’t the first time in our history that an airliner had been hijacked. But instead, I am going to discuss the TSA.

Now, as an American, you are granted rights and liberties. The right to a fair trial, freedom of speech, and the protection from unlawful search and seizure. So, with that in mind, how are the TSA able to get away with this violation of searching people?

To simply put this, while even I disagree with what I am about to say, they aren’t actually violating your rights. I know,I can already sense the hate mail coming. But, give me a moment to explain this one.

“Protection from UNLAWFUL search and seizure.” As you can imagine, the keyword is unlawful. So, in order to bypass your amendment rights, a law has to be made. This law is what gives the TSA the right to search anybody at any given time. However, we still have one line of defense.

“Congress shall pass no laws thst infringe upon the rights or liberties of its people.” Oops, guess they forgot that. Now, what does this mean? Why is this important to you? Well, this is the smoking gun should the Americans ever use it.

In essence, this basically states that should a law be passed that does violate your rights, the law becomes illegal. In short, it means the law is null and void. However, the government has been highly effective in its “anti-terrorism” campaign. First, they convinced you that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. This was later proven false. Than, they utilized corporate media to relay terror stories.

In this campaign, they had actually manipulated you into signing away your own rights. While some of us saw through the ceast pool of lies, the masses didn’t. For this reason, we have the Department of Homeland security. Through them, the TSA.

If ever there was a time in which the masses needed to learn these rights, it is now. The TSA, a security detail claiming to be for your protection, has already proven otherwise. Claims of sexual misconduct, questionable random searches, and full body scanners which see you nude clearly enforce my claim.

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