Immoral woman evicts infant and mother

What should have been an enjoyable night of going to the movies, has turned into a week of hell. For “Bea,” an 18 yo mother of an infant was, moments ago evicted from a “friend’s” home. The home owner, Marvalena Lambert, initially gave her a week. However, as seen below, even a week was to long.

In the image above, it is obvious that a dispute over money had occured. However, there is factual evidence to support what Bea had stated; she did, in fact, put a lot of money into the home.

Perhaps she was evicted, because Ms. Lambert, felt that she is above the law. Perhaps, her connections with law enforcement protect her. Given that the young mother had resided at the home, contributed, and so fourth, means that Ms. Lambert had to get a legalized eviction notice, something she failed to do. Furthermore, throwing an infant onto the street is illegal, unethical, and speaks wonders for this dirtbags ethics.

Thankfully, this young victimized mother, and her child, have secured a new location as they strive to make a life for themselves. While it is sad that anybody could do this to another human being, I must admit, I enjoy blasting scumbags like this. So, it is to say, Ms. Lambert, welcome to the War on Corruption wall of shame.

A war for families

Over the years, I have come across a variety of advocates, activists, and so on. Among these people, I met Geri Pfeiffer. Upon my first interactions with her, I never imagined a person with the sort of passion she has.

Recently, we had the chance to check out her new website, #Taken. During our brief time, we observed many things. Among the observations, we couldn’t ignore the unity. The support, the ability to self educate and empower, I can honestly say that I was impressed.

I discussed a bit what the site offers, but what is the purpose of this site? “America’s Taken” was founded with the intent of uniting parents with their children. The children, in these cases, would had been adopted out by CPS/DFS and the parental rights revoked.

Now, while the idea, to some, may seem extreme, upon investigating, we found that it has great potential. This concept gives both, child(ren) and parents a focal point to finding their biological families. By using a search feature, uploading images of the family, prior to the child abduction, it is hoped that those searching will see something they recall; it is this that Taken hopes will unite the families.

As stated,  the site also uses a search database so it doesn’t rely on photos for the searches. The photos are put in a virtual “treasure chest” for each child along with letters and memories to let the child know how much he was loved and missed. The database relies on other information such as birthplace, name, adopted name, age, and birthdate.

While I can go into much more, it is simply easier to request you check it out for yourself. The site has much to offer and appears to always be expanding. We hope those registered find who they are looking for and wish Geri the best of luck with this radical, and yet wonderful idea.