The cleansing of America

By: Geri Pfeiffer

The idea that a caseworker can sit on her fat ass and watch and participate in the systematic dismantling of a family boggles the mind! The idea that this state sanctioned genocide of families determined “unacceptable” by a corrupt family court judge has me wondering WHY we are not rioting in the streets!

What other atrocities must occur for us to rise up and slay the aggressors? The federal government(through state cps agencies) is confiscating our children in an aggressive form of ethnic cleansing that is sanctioned by lawmakers.

You think I’m delusional? So does the honorable Luke Duel! I’m not delusional and millions of parents and biological family members will back my stand on the issues of forced removal, foster warehousing, medical kidnapping, and forced adoption.

The noble thoughts of lawmakers to protect children has a much more sinister motive; give these children “a better life” by eliminating parents deemed “unacceptable”. Let’s legitimize it by putting a corrupt district court judge in charge of it. And walks! A society that cleanses itself of parents who are poor, on services, disabled, convicted felons, drug addicts, and mentally ill! Sound familiar? Yes the atrocities of ethnic cleansing were well documented in Nazi Germany.

Why did lawmakers create incentivized Foster warehousing and forced adoption. To remove “unacceptable” parents from welfare rolls, to stimulate the economy of the courts and the counties they represent, to appear “socially concerned” for the welfare of children. The truth is lawmakers promote forced removal because it’s good business for the constituents that matter to them. The ones who give donations to get them re-elected.

The forced removal of America’s ‪#‎TAKEN‬ children is ethnic cleansing. Denied their ethnic, biological and religious heritage by the very lawmakers and judges who have taken an oath to uphold the constitution! Then add on the psychological wrecks these children become because of the trauma and abuse inflicted on them, as they struggle with the loss of their siblings and parents…..these are the children we are handing this country to!

History has repeatedly shown us what happens when ethnic cleansing occurs. A considerable and substantial breakdown of societal norms. THE PEOPLE WILL RIOT AND SLAY THEIR OPPRESSORS. From the Roman Empire, to Czarist Russia, from the American Revolution to The Civil Rights Movement….the people will tolerate oppression for only so long….then they rebel.

We are on the very edge of that rebellion. Our government is confiscating our most precious selves, alienating them, reprogramming them, selling them on the adoption market. I remind you again, the sale of flesh in the United States was outlawed at the end of the Civil War in 1865.

Our constitution was written “by the people, for the people”, a fact that we have lost sight of.


For more information on America’s #Taken children, check out their website here.