The true domestic terrorists


The term our government loves to throw at us, the one we are all supposed to fear, is “domestic terrorism.” But, what are they classifying as a terrorist? In fact, how valid is this term? This article is one that I hope to finally explain my opposition to this word.

As with any term, when it is used to explain everybody, it begins to lose its meaning. How so? At first, we saw people like McVeigh as domestic terrorists. However, our government has a much more sinister agenda for the word. Over the years activists, hactivists, Anons, journalists, the list goes on as to who are being labeled as “terrorist.” In essence, anybody who opposes our Government fits this description.

By expanding its definition, the government has found an effective way to control the population. The problem is not without flaw; simply put, some of us see through the filth. By effectively overusing the word, they have actually devalued it. By placing this label on everybody, the term has lost its momentum, its fear ability. So, if everybody is a potential terrorist, who are the real terrorists?

When Hitler wanted to gain control of Germany, he used a variety of tactics, the same tactics that are now being used in America. First, you place gun control laws. Once these are in place, the government can remove our guns, with little to no opposition. Then, become a permanant fixture. Hitler had effectively placed himself as the dictator of his nation, the same move Obama had attempted when he tried to create a third term for himself. And finally, eliminate the threat. To state this simply, Anons, journalists, etc. are the threats to the government; we are the ones who can expose them, we fight back.

Recently, we have seen the war on activists, recently we saw what the government is attempting to do with journalists. In Alabama, lawsuits were filed against many journalists. The plaintiff, illegally of course, was a two week old infant. Another journalist has been forced from his home, his family, and labeled a terrorist. The government has already engaged their agenda of control.

Through the use of agencies such as CPS, our government has, for years, controled the lives of individual citizens. Through purgery, blackmail, and extortion, they have happily racked in billions of dollars from the victimized parents. Furthermore, they have racked in billions more by selling the children to “adoptive parents.” These people pay hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars for the desired child. Once the already alienated child is sold, they are never to see their real families again. What we have here is a child trafficking ring that has been legalized.

Sure, I can admit that I could be wrong. Maybe I am a conspiracy nut. However, when you look at the overall evidence, the events as they unfold around you, is it not plausible that I might be correct? All I can say is to go investigate, see for yourself.

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  1. Christopher W. Bruce, “Domestic Terrorist,” corruption exposer, Anon, Blogger and podcaster, atchyer service. Tell the FBI I said “Hey”…not that they don’t already know…

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