The final showdown


It was determined that Becky had no involvement with “The truth is out-here” page. It is, with that in mind, that we actually began working with her on certain cases. It has also been brought to our attention that this article is being used to smear her; to that, we say learn the facts. We have found her to be accurate in the information she has provided as well as honest. Accusations, that suggest otherwise, from what we have seen from her in our collaborations, are without merit.

This, as far as WOC is concerned, is the final article regarding the petty war between Phil Worland and Becky Kemble. As most people, between the seven of us, we have already written a few articles regarding the subject. One of the questions we have gotten is, “why are we even bothering with this?” For us, the answer is simply this, we fight corruption. In our minds, advocates slandering, bashing, degrading, etc. one another is corruption. They bring chaos where there should be unity, they cause division among friends, and we simply cannot stand idle to this fact. So, this article is now addressing everybody.


The president and founder of UBFUCT (United Bikers for Unjust Causes and Tragedies,) at some point, was accused of being a pedophile. Since that time, what we have seen is a man who not only obsesses on “exposing” the people, but even goes the extra distance of insulting, degrading, and even, in some cases, fueling the fire. As a media platform, even we must wonder how any person could run an organization. Granted, if I were accused of such a horrible deed, I would flip my lid, but even then, never would I handle a situation as he has. With that in mind, I must, in good conscience, question his ability to operate an organization.

Last night, I had called a meeting between Phil, another organization, and myself. During this meeting we requested, even pleaded that his “Truth is out” page be removed. The reasoning behind it was due to how it fuels a fire. At that time, we had mutually agreed that the page had served it’s purpose. With that in mind, Phil had agreed to keep the page up, but remove all instances of Becky. This means, that he would, to a large degree, back down; that is the hope, at least.

Because of his actions, even we have seen the ripple effect. Former friends have turned against each other, advocates, if they are, have not been advocating because they are to busy fighting with or against this cause, and now, I am not focused on more critical stories because I have to play babysitter; worst of all, innocent people have been targeted, their information appearing on a page called “The truth is out-here.” Now in defense of Phil, I can safely say, according to our obtained police report, that he had been hacked at one point. Images are provided below. However, beyond the pedophile remark, we will defend Becky on it as we cannot validate her involvement. Furthermore, this disproves the claim, made by “The truth is out-here” page, that no report was actually filed.

Above, is the information of the hack.
Above, a copy of just one of the police reports filed.

Becky Kemble

Since the time of my previous article, I have been in communication with Becky. It was, during a phone call, I asked about an accusation. The specific accusation was rather or not she called Phil a pedophile; naturally, she denied the charge and placed blame on somebody else. However, when we got the following image, it does pose a serious question as to her honesty regarding this.

13695871_301274240209658_1983388414_nPerhaps she didn’t think we had this? Maybe she had a lapse of judgement? Or maybe she did call him a pedo, admitted it here, and thought covering it up was wise? No matter how you view this image, one thing is clear, she does tell him to move on; okay, we can agree with that, everybody should have moved on before WOC got involved. However, I still wonder why she placed blame on somebody else for this accusation.

Several times, over the past year or two, I have seen her  posts about leaving, ending the fight. But, later on, I would see the fight continued. Now, I cannot slam her for that simply because Phil himself is guilty of this as well. To me, it appears her biggest issue is the fact Phil has called her cunt. Now, I can understand why any woman would have an issue with such a term, especially from an organizational president. It is, with this in mind, that we did speak to Phil about an apology, at of this time of this writing, he has declined to do so. However, he had agreed to retract himself from future actions similar to the past.

According to our source, Becky is involved with profiting from fraudulent GoFundMe accounts. Our team decided to investigate into this claim, as we have come across this activity in the recent past. The only thing we can confirm regarding the claim, is the below image.


Based upon the logo being used, we do know that this image was created by her organization. However, rather or not the people in the image were victims of a fake GoFundMe, we have, at this time, not confirmed nor disproven. Now, there are many other accusations against Becky, but, we have decided not to go into all of them as we wanted to hit the bigger ones.

The truth is out-here

Now, if ever there was a page that made me sick, it would be this one. The page, which was originally targeting Phil, is believed to now be going after other people. Why? Simply because they are associated with Phil. In other words, this page is designed to terrorize people via Social Media; this classification of their actions makes them domestic terrorists. Recently, expanding beyond Phil, we have seen them target another woman who was/is living with him. Now, why this woman has been made a target, that has yet to be made clear. On their page, I saw an image that they tried to pose as fact. In reality, it was an address that gave a number of how many sex offenders were nearby; how this could possibly be her “criminal” background is unknown.

When I looked further into the page, I found that not only do they target people, rather innocent or guilty, they also have a habit of posting their personal information. We attempted to reach Facebook regarding this page, but they declined to respond regarding the matter. We do know two things: the first thing we know is the page has proactively slammed legalized organizations. The second, according to our source, the page is supposedly operated not by Becky Kemble, but by a Beth Wood; however, we have at this time been able to confirm it as no administrator of the page has taken our invitation to discuss it privately with us. Either way, the mere existence of this page, goes without question, demonstrates an underlining malicious agenda.

overall review

The overall mentality that we have is probably apparent at this time. If these people spent as much time fighting their actual causes, rather than each other, chances are, we would have no cause left. If they placed as much energy into government corruption as they do bashing each other, than we would actually make great stride in our fights. However, rather than being productive, like children, they have decided to wage an all out war against one another; this no longer makes them valuable assets to anybody. Rather than simply dropping the subject and letting the old dog lie, they continue to beat the horse with childish claims, slandering, insults, and just all out insulting to the human intelligence war.

While we do understand all sides involved, we also understand the damage all sides are creating to the overall cause. It is, with that in mind, that WOC decided to get involved. We have seen, through this fight, just how far people are willing to go, how childish an adult can become, and how far they can truly push one another. We have seen the insult as nearly every party has tried to defend their actions to us. All the while, none realized that WOC had all the evidence we needed to rule, in good faith, that all of this is childish. We have seen people defend accusations, some which were proven through their own words, to be false. However, the most damning part is we have seen innocent people dragged through the mud and for what? A two year old vendetta. Good job people, you all are the problem.


We are informed that the police report posted was closed. It is, with this in mind, that we make this update as were unaware of this fact until now. Future updates pending.


In regards to Becky stealing from the Sumner account, we have obtained two images showing that she actually donated money to the fundraiser. This, to us, seems illogical that she would steal money from a GoFundMe that she donated to.

The cleansing of America

By: Geri Pfeiffer

The idea that a caseworker can sit on her fat ass and watch and participate in the systematic dismantling of a family boggles the mind! The idea that this state sanctioned genocide of families determined “unacceptable” by a corrupt family court judge has me wondering WHY we are not rioting in the streets!

What other atrocities must occur for us to rise up and slay the aggressors? The federal government(through state cps agencies) is confiscating our children in an aggressive form of ethnic cleansing that is sanctioned by lawmakers.

You think I’m delusional? So does the honorable Luke Duel! I’m not delusional and millions of parents and biological family members will back my stand on the issues of forced removal, foster warehousing, medical kidnapping, and forced adoption.

The noble thoughts of lawmakers to protect children has a much more sinister motive; give these children “a better life” by eliminating parents deemed “unacceptable”. Let’s legitimize it by putting a corrupt district court judge in charge of it. And walks! A society that cleanses itself of parents who are poor, on services, disabled, convicted felons, drug addicts, and mentally ill! Sound familiar? Yes the atrocities of ethnic cleansing were well documented in Nazi Germany.

Why did lawmakers create incentivized Foster warehousing and forced adoption. To remove “unacceptable” parents from welfare rolls, to stimulate the economy of the courts and the counties they represent, to appear “socially concerned” for the welfare of children. The truth is lawmakers promote forced removal because it’s good business for the constituents that matter to them. The ones who give donations to get them re-elected.

The forced removal of America’s ‪#‎TAKEN‬ children is ethnic cleansing. Denied their ethnic, biological and religious heritage by the very lawmakers and judges who have taken an oath to uphold the constitution! Then add on the psychological wrecks these children become because of the trauma and abuse inflicted on them, as they struggle with the loss of their siblings and parents…..these are the children we are handing this country to!

History has repeatedly shown us what happens when ethnic cleansing occurs. A considerable and substantial breakdown of societal norms. THE PEOPLE WILL RIOT AND SLAY THEIR OPPRESSORS. From the Roman Empire, to Czarist Russia, from the American Revolution to The Civil Rights Movement….the people will tolerate oppression for only so long….then they rebel.

We are on the very edge of that rebellion. Our government is confiscating our most precious selves, alienating them, reprogramming them, selling them on the adoption market. I remind you again, the sale of flesh in the United States was outlawed at the end of the Civil War in 1865.

Our constitution was written “by the people, for the people”, a fact that we have lost sight of.


For more information on America’s #Taken children, check out their website here.

The true domestic terrorists


The term our government loves to throw at us, the one we are all supposed to fear, is “domestic terrorism.” But, what are they classifying as a terrorist? In fact, how valid is this term? This article is one that I hope to finally explain my opposition to this word.

As with any term, when it is used to explain everybody, it begins to lose its meaning. How so? At first, we saw people like McVeigh as domestic terrorists. However, our government has a much more sinister agenda for the word. Over the years activists, hactivists, Anons, journalists, the list goes on as to who are being labeled as “terrorist.” In essence, anybody who opposes our Government fits this description.

By expanding its definition, the government has found an effective way to control the population. The problem is not without flaw; simply put, some of us see through the filth. By effectively overusing the word, they have actually devalued it. By placing this label on everybody, the term has lost its momentum, its fear ability. So, if everybody is a potential terrorist, who are the real terrorists?

When Hitler wanted to gain control of Germany, he used a variety of tactics, the same tactics that are now being used in America. First, you place gun control laws. Once these are in place, the government can remove our guns, with little to no opposition. Then, become a permanant fixture. Hitler had effectively placed himself as the dictator of his nation, the same move Obama had attempted when he tried to create a third term for himself. And finally, eliminate the threat. To state this simply, Anons, journalists, etc. are the threats to the government; we are the ones who can expose them, we fight back.

Recently, we have seen the war on activists, recently we saw what the government is attempting to do with journalists. In Alabama, lawsuits were filed against many journalists. The plaintiff, illegally of course, was a two week old infant. Another journalist has been forced from his home, his family, and labeled a terrorist. The government has already engaged their agenda of control.

Through the use of agencies such as CPS, our government has, for years, controled the lives of individual citizens. Through purgery, blackmail, and extortion, they have happily racked in billions of dollars from the victimized parents. Furthermore, they have racked in billions more by selling the children to “adoptive parents.” These people pay hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars for the desired child. Once the already alienated child is sold, they are never to see their real families again. What we have here is a child trafficking ring that has been legalized.

Sure, I can admit that I could be wrong. Maybe I am a conspiracy nut. However, when you look at the overall evidence, the events as they unfold around you, is it not plausible that I might be correct? All I can say is to go investigate, see for yourself.