5 comments on “A lack of ethics

  1. My wife is a victim of phil name degrading of women i am also a victim of molestation and domestic violence and this has now triggered my pstd once again and you support how men abuse women i am disgusted with that

    • I support what the evidence states, nothing more. If you have something that shows an opposing side, I am more than willing to see it. My journalists and I are always seeking truth. We do know of his temper, but even so, the people in this article are not just attacking him anymore. They are now going after other organizations that are not involved with him or his organization. Should we condone that?

    • how exactly did i verbally abuse your wife? I don’t even know who you are…. how about copy and paste the whole conversation here for all to see?

  2. I invite anyone to come to me as a person, and they will get the same respect from me. You don’t even have to agree with me If you want to know for real, I’ll be happy to share, BUT I WON’T PLAY TROLL GAMES, I’LL BLOCK AND MOVE ON. YES I DO HAVE EVERY WORD OF EVIDENCE THAT I CLAIM, but once again, I’m nobody’s dog, and the evidence will speak for itself! I OUT PEOPLE ON MY TIME, NOT THEIRS, I GUESS I’LL HAVE TO KEEP THE IDIOTS IN SUSPENSE UNTIL THEN???

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