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  1. Thank you for reporting the truth. Brendan is my great niece. The story deserves to be told. The direct family members are all under a gag order, but I am not and will continue speaking until I can speak no more!

  2. I am an Alabama Citizen and I desperately want to know what I can do to stand up for this family. I am beyond outraged, but I don’t know where to begin. Also, in the above Abby Johnson Facebook post, it should be known that this woman is shady. Any post comments that contradicted or disagreed with her claims were deleted and then the commenter was blocked from commenting further. I have screenshots to prove it. I also have a screenshot that shows her comment that she is getting her info from “an attorney working on the case”.

  3. I’m sorry, but the way the original story is reported sounds like the family knew this was going to happen. At any time, she could have signed herself and her baby out of the hospital. The security bands didn’t force them to stay against their will. It seems more like they didn’t want to self discharge to make themselves seem more responsible in court. So much more of this story doesn’t add up. I may be leaping to assumptions, but not more so than the reporter…

  4. Do not buy into the statement by Abby Johnson. They are running damage control folks and that is all. Trying to make us believe that they removed this child and her baby because of a registered sex offender living in the home. This is not the case, it is a lie. Fact: This young lady was raped, it was reported, she went to social services for assistance – medicaid, food stamps, etc…She and her brother lived in the grandparents home and there were no concerns about a sexual predator living in the home prior to her giving birth. Social services demanded to know where this young woman was going to have her baby, she opted not to tell them, but as soon as she checked into the hospital and used her medical card, they zeroed right in on where she was. They removed her baby; illegally having the doctor detain this young woman so they could get there to snatch the infant. They took the infant, but left the mother and brother behind. No concern at that moment of their being a sexaul predator in the home. What they didn’t count on was that Terri LaPointe and her companion would be there filming this atrocity as well as witnessing this kidnapping. The children were living with their grandparents, the grandfather is a retired police officer. The 19 year old rapist does not live in their home. They are covering their own asses for kidnapping this newborn baby from it’s mother, and removing her and her younger brother from their home. They have violated these people’s rights and are claiming that Terri LaPointe was asked to leave the hospital because she was interfering with their removing the newborn and making their job harder. Terri LaPointe was there as a witness and has it on tape what they did to this family. This tape went viral and the world knows what they did, so they have to dispel the truth to cover their own asses. Any donations for this girl and her family’s legal expenses would still be greatly appreciated. CPS sees this family as a target, three children that they can get money for, and trying to get the publicity to die down so they can continue with their plans to kidnap and place these children in foster care and then up for adoption. Until we here from the family itself, do not buy into their b.s. This is what is happening all across the U.S. This isn’t an isolated case, it is rampant in every state, county, city, and town across the Nation. This young lady was lucky and fortunate enough to have her baby’s kidnapping filmed and exposed publicly so the world can see what these monsters do to families. Thank you, God Bless.

  5. I’d be happy to help this issue spread over FB. I am appalled but somehow not surprised because this kind of stuff happens to children everywhere. It’s time to make it stop. Keep fighting for her and that baby. I’m praying and I’ll see to it that this gets out there.

  6. I want to than you for relaying the truth. CPS is in my humble opinion is the most crooked organization by whatever name they go by. The problem is by the time anything even remotely moves toward a resolution the truth will have been so trampled as to be utterly unrecognizable. My prayer is that God will soon here the cry of all who have been falsely orphaned and separated from loving families, and will provide them swift justice. We at Civil Death stand with you.

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