Game over: the con exposed


For many of us, Honey Buhlman is a name that has left many of us appauled.  The now, board member for WINN radio, is no stranger to complaints, fraud, and other forms of questionable deeds. What is worst, WINN founder, Bobby Beesinger, has openly endorsed the fraudulant deeds. It is with this in mind, War on Corruption is among the many who will be exposing these people. But, for all intensive purposes, how about we start with Honey.

Honey Buhlman: GoFundMe Queen


I wish I could say Honey was anything but a GoFundMe professional. But to say that, means I would have to lie. We all may recall such a page for the Dalton family that she had created. However, here is what you may not know. Out of the $175 raised by Honey, the Daltons did not recieve one dime of it. Instead, Honey had used it for medications. Later, the story was changed. In reality, she had defrauded the donors, the media who supported her, and the Daltons who were already being victimized. To say this kindly, she is a predator of the worst kind. Below is her confession.


Initially, when I looked into Honey, I had noticed an ungodly amount of GoFundMes in her name. Why? She claims to help families, but as we know, the Dalton family is still awaiting that help. Her idea of helping them, send her goons to harass Rosemary. This brings us to our next Special little cupcake, Bobby.

Bobby Beesinger: WINN cyber terrorist

Recently, as most of us know, Honey was exposed on the KNTN radioshow. Host, Tim Skomo, was enraged by the fact that none of the money had reached the Daltons. And why not? He did donate and therefore his anger was justified. As a result of this show, Rosemary was confronted by a very slow Bobby. His angle? Prevent the already completed show from airing, that worked well.

By this point, the show had already been archived onto Tim’s site. However, Bobby still used various forms blackmail, threats, and bullying tactics to get Rosemary to bend to his will. What this special cupcake had failed to realize is this, Rosemary had nothing to do with this show airing. Below, for documentation, I will post portions of the said conversation.



imageThe words of an unethical bully. This is just a small portion of his tyranny against Rosemary and her organization, MAFA, LLC. An unethical coward who bullies women, knowing full well, the woman he is defending has earned her stripes. Since this conversation, Bobby did make a public slandering, broadly displaying his cowardly colors. This post is below. You may view a commentary post, which includes his post, here.

What this is, is nothing short of a sick lack of morals, ethics, and intgrity. The two slimeballs, I discussed prey on the weak and feed off of their fear. What’s worst, they are not alone. But I am fine with that as I am not alone in this new form of corruption. I strongly advise caution if interacting with these two people, as I also advise you to conduct your research.

Victims victimized

The worst thing in the world, for many of us, to think that our children would ever be harmed. As parents, we strive to protect our young ones as best we can. However, sadly, we are not always able to. Sadly, sometimes our children are brutally harmed. Recently, you may recall a story about a 14 year old mother. This mother had a child due to a rape. But I won’t go into that as it is all over the internet; I want to deal with the bigger problem.

As we all know, CPS with their police henchman, illegally abducted this mother’s infant. No warrant, no probable cause, and no reasonable effort was made. At 52 hours of age, these predators made their move on this family. What was very obvious is CPS has 1, a complete disregard for victims; we saw a similar mentality in the Dalton case. 2, they have a complete disregard for your Federally protected rights.

We have the right to be secured in our persons. This is one if many rights CPS, and clearly the police, fail to realize. Recently, our MAFA, LLC, journalist contacted the police department. Below, is the actual conversation.


As you can tell, upon being questioned, he was blocked from sending messages. Why? Perhaps they are attempting to cover their deed. Furthermore, he attempted to call only to get the runaround. Apparently holding them accountable is not an option.

Because of the media attention, CPS has now began playing a new game of dirt ball. They now claim that the children were removed due to a predator living at the house. I question this as it was clearly no issue prior to this infant being born. In fact, I doubt the story completly. One reason being is due to the fact the grandfather is a retired cop. The other, because the rapist does not live in the home. Basically, we have a psychopathic agency using slander to violate this young girl’s family.

Everything, in the above image is false. In reality, they kidnapped this child, her infant, and her brother. what is not shown above, is where they are claiming the brother is the rapist, this is also false. The rapist is a 19 year old unknown male who is currently, according to sources, sitting in jail.

The shady tactics of CPS know no bounds. If we are going to unite and fight this corrupt system, NOW is the time. How many more victims must be revictimized? How many more families must be slandered before we rise? These questions, I ask to all of you. Please think about them.