CPS: Selective protection


Katrina Kennedy, Image taken from Facebook


Recently, an abuse video of a young child went viral. The mother, Katrina Kennedy, can be seen beating, threatening, and even throwing various objects at her infant son. Now, I don’t need to go into the remaining video as I am aware of the odds that you already know of it. However, if not, the link is here. Now, I have an issue with this mother, a huge issue to be accurate.  This woman threatened to murder this three year old, she beat this child, why? over a cellphone charger. Let that soak in for a minute. Now, here is the bigger problem.


Taken from her Instagram

(Note the bruising on Romeo’s shoulder and face)

Recently, I covered a CPScase  involving the Dalton family. Their daughter, Kasandra, was being stalked, harassed, and even abducted by an El Hadji Mohammad Cici. When the parents finally located her, because the incompetent police refused to assist, they immediately took her to the hospital. Against the wishes of the family, the hospital refused to do a simple rape kit on the young 16 year old. Instead, they called CPS who was more than happy to destroy this family; worst part is, this family is a registered tribal family. For more details on the initial events, feel free to read the article, “Missouri vs the tribal nation.” So, in this case, CPS and the police had no problem destroying a family, and yet a three year old was not worthy?

To me, this is simply unfathomable. The Dalton family was going bankrupt because of CPS, facing foreclosure, couldn’t afford services mandated by CPS, and were looking at losing their utilities. Meanwhile, their daughter, who was already a victim of a pedophile stalker, gets further trauma and abuse. Why? Simply because in our country, no family is sacred. Although the parents acted correctly, did what they were supposed to do, CPS just couldn’t help but take another easy case. This agency destroys innocent families while people like Ms. Kennedy are free to verbally abuse, physically assault, and even threaten her children! So who is Katrina Kennedy?

Ms. Kennedy is a  27 year old mother WITH a CPS history. Although, in reality we can shrug that part off, we cannot ignore the fact that this child has been an abuse victim since birth. The small portion of Romeo’s life, which is displayed within the video, is only but a glimpse into his actual nightmare. CPS has been repeatedly called on this young mother due to extreme abuse, and yet CPS has willfully ignored the complaints; the same goes to local law enforcement. How is it that a mother, who has done nothing wrong loses her child and yet an abusive mother does not? Could this be a look into the racial tendencies of not only our law enforcement, but CPS? After all, it is no secret that a child’s race determines their likelihood of being adopted out.

So, because of CPS and the Colorado police, little Romeo has been allowed to live in a horrid nightmare. Although many people had come to his aid over the past few years, no action had been taken. So, with that said, this video got the attention of the entire nation. together, we pressured these corrupted agencies into protecting that child; in reality, Katrina would most likely be at home right now if not for the countless activists. Because of people like you, this woman has not only been arrested, she also faces several charges. However, there are a few charges that I feel need to be added: Aggravated assault, Assault with a deadly weapon, Felony child abuse, and neglect. I believe these will give her the much needed justice she deserves. Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it, just watch the video.


UPDATE: Youtube has removed the video, but I know it is still online and will repost link once I locate it.

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  1. It is just as sick for anyone to post the evil of a child being brutalized. Just reading about it is significant enough. Anybody out there know Jese? Is so, pray for our nation. Jesus is returning soon. And for non believers, your creator God loves you. Accept his Son and repent of your sins, and ask Him to show you His way. Be ready and stand firm. May God bless and keep you is my prayer for you.

  2. When this video was sent to us, we immediately downloaded it. We can provide a copy to you. Go to http://www.nationalsafechild.com and in the contact form message let us know you want a copy of the video of the mother abusing her son, also provide an email as we can’t add an attachment here, sorry. She needs to be in jail, his life is in jeopardy. The director wants to take action to help this little boy, let us know the details of his state, city, etc. This is a great blog, keep up the humanitarian work, these kids need help. God bless you

  3. Here is the reality of both of these children’s experiences: Kasandra comes from a good home, loving parents, was well taken care of, taught morals, values, respect, and is loved. Little Romeo has been obviously abused, neglected, and probably tortured since the day he was born. So, why should Romeo be any less important than Kasandra? Because there is no money to the Department of Social Services (CPS – DHS) to rescue little Romeo. I got it straight from the horses mouth folks. 3 years ago; I confronted a cps worker in my local Walmart and asked her why a little 10 year old girl in my neighborhood was being left in a home where her mother was kicking her out into the cold with nothing but a tee shirt and pair of ragged shorts, to sleep on people’s porches, eat out of their garbage cans, was being sexually abused by her 17 year old brother, and his 19 & 22 year old friends, and though many in the neighborhood had reported this to the police and to CPS, nothing was being done to help this little girl. The social worker’s eyes teared up as she answered my question. “Because CPS is no longer rescuing truly abused and neglected children as they are considered damaged goods. This little girl has been abused, perpetrated against, therefore she will perpetrate against other children. So, they can not place her in with any other children. She would have to be placed in a single parent foster home, and the market is not open for single placements. Because she has all of these issues, she probably won’t be a candidate for adoption, it will take years of therapy and lots of money to deal with her issues, and the dept. is looking to make money, not have to spend any. We are being instructed on how to fault parents for anything under the sun and take their children, usually children from good homes without any abuse or neglect issues, as they are marketable and easily adopted.” She spoke the truth, and I commend her for her honesty. Her words ring true every single day. Just pick up a news paper, turn on the t.v, turn on you computers. Children all over the country are being left in the care of their abusers to suffer the most horrendous abuses and even murdered (more often than not, by their foster care providers) and cps knows about it. They ignore it, turn a blind eye and deaf ear to it, and explain the failure to protect these children away as “We’re so over worked, so under funded, and there just isn’t enough foster homes to place these kids in.” CYA; When the facts speak for themselves, there is no money in it for them to remove these children, so they don’t bother. They remove children from good homes that have no issues, so they can take them to their in-pocket doctors who will diagnose them with conditions that they do not have, give them experimental drugs, so they can reap the hire pay for these children. In the State of Colorado; a foster care provider can take up to 4 children in their home at one time (no matter how many biological children they already have living in the home). A child that does not have a disability brings in $547.00 an month in pay to the foster care provider. A child that is diagnosed as having a disability brings in $1,500.00 a month. So, if a foster care provider takes in the maximum children allowed by the state, they rake in over $6,000.00 a month to foster these children. Cps receives $80,000.00 per child they get adopted out – that doesn’t have a disability, but over $140,000.00 per child that does have a disability. CPS and the Family Courts are clearly corrupt, intentionally not doing their jobs, all for the love of money, and not for the best interest of the child. Katrina Kennedy needs to be prosecuted in our criminal judicial system under our criminal laws just like any other criminal who commits acts of violence upon another and her child removed from her custody and placed with a viable relative or conservator (should there not be a viable relative) where he can get the love and care that he deserves from good parents.

    1. I commend you I have yet to read such a correct statement on this issue ever you clearly and completely hit it dead on thank you for shareing such intense knowledge I hope you don’t mind I’d like to copy and share so this education can be spread throughout the Facebook network for all to read this is amazingly spoken

    2. In Lake County Florida CPS workers get a $3000.00 bonus for removing a disabled child from his/her home. My 2 year old grandson passed away a year ago and CPS come into my home and removed my 5 year old grandson that THEY gave me custody if when they took him from my daughter. As soon as I hired an attorney and he threatened them with court my grandson was returned and case closed. Very very corrupt and I don’t know how those vermin look at themselves in the mirror every morning

  4. I might have missed it, but the Good Samaritan, “Sue” has already had death threats, which shows the LEMMING Mindset of the idiots all around us.
    A nonissue is allowed to steal the innocence of Our Children, Gender Dysphoria. Why is a regimen of drugs given to children to block puberty if they aren’t male or female???? This in itself is MAJOR CHILD ABUSE, MEDICAL CHILD ABUSE TO BE EXACT!!!!
    While at the same time NORMAL Children have no rights, that IS NOT what OUR BILL OF RIGHTS SAY.
    One more thing about “Sue”, the Police wrote her a Child Abuse violation for whatever reason.
    Keep up the great work,

    1. Sue was only partially a good Samaritan because she sat there and recorded the beating/attempted murder of this boy and did nothing. She wasn’t even the one who turned the video in, someone else did and that was 9 days after this happened.

      1. Unknown, isn’t “Sue” or her Family the one that put the video on Youtube? That is what the article I read led me to believe.
        If it is indeed true, how much time elapsed before the video was posted?
        Also, the article stated she feared
        because the Child and his Mother was staying in her home, that alone was grounds enough.
        After all, a woman that can not feel safe in her own home has good reason to worry.

    2. Sue was a Good Samaritan? Are you serious? Sue sat around and watch a baby get beat and verbally abused and tape recorded it. Sue should have tried to diffuse the situation at the very least. Sue also could have called 911. Sue could of also tried to comfort Romeo. Instead Sue also berated Romeo about where the charger was. She is and should be charged

      1. Cheryl, I am unsure how old you are but I want you to tell me how many people you have see in the newspaper that stepped in between a Child and their parent to stop any kind of Child Abuse????
        Me and my Little Brother waited 17 years for you, why didn’t you stop it???? Why didn’t one person in the whole town stop it????
        I know of no worst than what we lived through, but ours was just physical abuse.
        BUT, there was Child Sexual Abuse all around, RIGHT IN YOUR FACE, and NO ONE HELPED THEM.
        Just so you know, I can just speak for OVER 63 YEARS.
        So, far as I see, it was that video that saved that Baby, but maybe I am wrong, but if it was that video, yes “Sue” is about as good as it gets for a Good Samaritan.
        Robert Blackhorn StrongBow

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