Missouri vs. the Tribal Nation: Conclusion



This is an article that I have long awaited to compose. In the last dozen articles, I had revealed an absolute horror story, CPS corruption in its absolute purest form. But, most of you already know of these tragic events. However, for those who may not, time to do a quick recap.

El Hadji Mohammad Cici, coined the Dalton stalker, had been stalking 16 year old, Kassandra. When she had rejected his advances, he went ballistic! He began texting her family (most which can be seen in the previous articles,) driving by their home and school, and even abducted her! This man is a criminal who walked out of court a free man.

So what has happened since my last article? Well, after posting images of his workplace, from what I am told, people began calling it. It doesn’t end there. People would request a different cashier, refuse to go to his line, and even question management as to how they could hire a sexual child predator. Needless to say, Mohammad has since been terminated from this location. To that, I tip my hat to all of you who made that possible. Mohammad has also apparently fled his home; his location remains unknown as of this time.

For the Dalton family, Kassandra was finally released to go home. As for the tribe, whose rights were violated, they are taking this matter to Federal Court. The Dalton family are planning a federal lawsuit, all while trying to repair their broken family. Sadly, this case has also shown the true colors of a variety of people. Rosemary takes it as a lesson learned in regards of who her true friends are. We, War on Corruption, couldn’t be agree more.