A rogue advocate?


An advocate, an activist, these are the things Dana Lawhon are well known for. With her, as with most who reside within the world of CPS fighting, she has become subject for debate; and for good reason. While she prides herself as an advocate and activist, she has a very dark aspect to her.


A lot of people have become aware of the page above. Although it is only speculation as to who operates it, War on Corruption set out, upon request, to conduct an investigation into the possible founder. What we had learnd is this: there has been, upon several occasions from Ms. Lawhon, instances of harmful statements regarding Ms. Pfeiffer. As an adcocate, it is expected that one maintains a beneficial image. When that image is tainted, we expose that corruption. Here is what we found.


As it turns out, even in recent years, Ms. Lawhon has been subject of various criminal charges. These charges range in subjects from restraining orders, assault, to neglect. As an investigative journalist, I have great concerns regarding these charges, afterall, it is our children she advocates for.


While a criminal history is often a said and done deal. Ms. Lawhon clearly has skeletons of her own; the same to which she condemns others for, and thus got my attention. This leaves this journalist asking, “how does a woman with this background point out another’s?”


There is, and should be one lesson from this: if you plan to expose the past of others, somebody will always expose yours. While she has been busy doing this, “exposing” others, she had done well in maintaining her own secret dirt. Of course, that was prior to her own exposure…

4 thoughts on “A rogue advocate?”

  1. This page smells like Jim A Hall. He posted very similar items on the Op Expose CPS Oklahoma page. Under pressure he took his comments down and this page popped up. He has similar pages he’s made against his ex mother in law’s business. AND when he and his wife divorced he harassed her on facebook and got 30 days in the slammer..

      1. I’m talking about the facebook you’re reporting on. I don’t think Dana did it but her best buddy Jim A Hall. If you’d seen the things he posted on the op expose cps Oklahoma page, you’d agree. It was very similar both in content and in tone.

      2. Sadly, all I can find is what I have. I remain unbiased as I do not know her outside the thungs I had heard; that is what caught my attention, initially.

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