BY Geri Pfeiffer

Court appointed means just exactly that: another tool the court uses to steal your children. In my opinion they are as worthless as the proverbial breasts on a boar hog.

A court appointed attorney receives a one time fee ($250.00) for representing you in your case. From….yep….the very court that is trying to permanently remove your children. Funds that come to the court from Title IV (the child welfare act and the federal adoption incentive). So don’t bother wasting time pondering why this fully licensed attorney is standing there doing nothing…that is what he is being paid to do. Remember that $250.00 fee is about what a good attorney makes in one hour. You can hardly expect them to perform well for you based on that fact alone…and then there is the added pressure of aggravating the judge. That attorney may have to appear in front of that judge many times in the course of his/her career and it does not take rocket scientist to figure out that an attorney does not want to get on the wrong side of a judge early in a law career. In fact I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a bigger pile of a__ kissers together in one place, as in a family courtroom, on the Let’s Terminate Parental Rights Day that every family court has every week, in every courtroom, in every county, in every state, in our once great country. I will give credit to a good court appointed attorney, if I ever find one, but so far that number, in my research, is a big fat zero! They are pathetic, one and all, because their boss is the judge who is trained and paid to forcefully remove your children from you, FOREVER.

By appointing you that attorney, the judge is fulfilling requirements of the federal adoption incentive and Title IV funding. That is all! It is not to defend you or help you win your child back. The court appointed attorney has the same value to you as the CASA, the GAL, the court ordered psyche evaluation, the parenting classes, and the individualized service plan. Every one of those items is designed to help you fail in your quest to bring your children home. Actually private attorneys do not have much more success in bringing a child home than a court appointed, they talk nicer and they take a lot more of your money, but that’s about it.

My contempt for unscrupulous attorneys is endless. They prey on a sector of people who can least afford them, and they are ruthless about getting that money. Now I’m sure there are a few of you who can say you have had success, but the vast majority of parents lose their kids. The system is rigged. The judge, DA, attorney (court appointed or private), CASA, GAL, and every other “professional” associated with this process is as corrupt as the day is long. Do not look for justice in the family courts of America because you will not find it. The family court process is designed for failure…your failure. If you get your kids back you are blessed or lucky.



Geri has been an advocate for families for a number of years now. Through articles, acrivism, etc., she brings awareness to the CPS agenda with the hope of saving families the grief that comes with having their children #Taken. Geri is also known for contacting various polititions via phone, Facebook, and Twitter.