One comment on “Legault family: Foster concerns

  1. I think it’s time for Michigan to follow Texas’ Governor Greg Abbott’s lead. After only being in the office for 2 months and 5 days, he told TXDFPS to get their stuff together. Apparently he came in office too late:

    Would anyone with a sound mind want two baby girls in the care of this man? If he posts stuff like this in public on Social Media, can you imagine what is happening behind closed doors?

    I can’t do much from TX, but I can ask the good people of Michigan to contact Heather Catallo at WXYZ and DEMAND this “award-winning investigative reporter” to do her job! She has known about the LeGaults for over a year now. She keeps telling people she’s interested, even had her producer call the mother and promised to be at the court hearing in November; no show, no call once again. Please call her: 248-827-7777. You don’t have to live in Michigan to not only save these young girls, but their 2 brothers from CPS, who after 17 months hasn’t found the parents guilty of anything!


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