CPS: selling of children


CPS, in a blink of an eye, has just ruined your entire life. No due process, no established guilt, but they came anyway. Lost, you wonder what comes next. At this point, like so many parents, you are completely lost. The biggest question is “why?”

First of all, there is one thing you must know about CPS. Regardless of what you have heard, they are not out for your’s, or your childrens, best interest; what they are seeking is funding. To quote an activist, Geri Pfeiffer, “from the moment they take your children, adoption is the agenda.” So, why are they in your life?

To understand this question, you must understand how the system works. CPS, regardless of what you may think, didn’t just show up at random; somebody had to start the process. Essentially, in order for them to arrive, and ruin your life, a phone call was made. Now, this within itself, is a civil rights violation. It is a violation because, according to Federal law, you have the right to face your accuser. When it comes to CPS, the initial accuser is the person who made the call.


Once the call is made, CPS begins conducting its “investigation.” At this point, they are not looking to see if you might be guilty; to simply state this, you are guilty. What CPS is doing, to be honest, is looking for dirt. They will speak to family, doctors, and anybody else that has come into contact with you. During this time, they will hear both good and bad. So, the good information is never heard. The reason for this? They twist the good, as well as the bad, and use it against you; the whole system is designed to use your love as a weapon. As I have said, their goal is to adopt.

Adoption process
After months, or even years of fighting, you just lost your parental rights. What happens now? Well, I personally say, “give them hell.” You can fight the adoption, appeal, and thus hinduring it. But, let us just assume you failed. What happens to your child? Where do they go now?

There is an incentive for foster parents to adopt. Essentially, this means your child has just become a legal victim of a child trafficing ring. When a foster family adopts, as I said, there is an incentive. This incentive, to give a rough number, can be $60,000! Of course, as I said, this is a rough estimate. Now, for the state, the monetary gain is much higher. This alone is why they sought to adopt.

Never having a fair trial, no due process, never knowing who made the call and thus never facing your accuser, your life just went to hell. This Gestapo of a system has done exactly what it was intended to do; it has sucessfully ripped your family to shreds. However, you are not alone in this. Everyday, hundreds of families are going through this very process. Everyday, hundreds of families are being torn to shreds. It is, for this reason, the system must be terminated.

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  1. My husband and I have a small, modest 3 bedroom house, 2 vehicles that were manufactured in the 90’s, and we work hard for everything we’ve ever had in life. My husband works at a pallet mill making 8.50 an hour to carry logs, cut them into the boards needed and then nail the pallets together that are used to ship practically everything from groceries to transformers. On that 8.50 an hour he brings home between two and three hundred a week and we were raising our FIVE children on that. Our kids get Medicaid, that is the extent of our government assistance. So please don’t think we are living off the government and have the nerve to complain type. We have to live modestly and budget but we have always taken care of our family. Our lives revolve around our children’s happiness, well-being, and success in life. We have 4 daughters ages 9, 7, 6, and 4 and a son age 2. I’ve been with them since the day I gave them life and now I’m struggling to continue living without them here. I haven’t seen or spoken to them in over 7 months and when I ask about visitation, I’m told I have a no contact order. I’m not a perfect person or parent, but my mistakes have never endangered or hurt my children and do not warrant what has happened. Since 2010, I have had to fight to either keep my children or get them back every single year. They receive anonymous reports for the same thing every time: Abuse and drug use. I’ve taken a drug test every year at least once and I have never failed one. When they came out in April of 2015, I told them that I wasn’t doing this anymore because the only abuse to my children was from the state of Mississippi with their harassment. Taking the drug tests, I have to pay for the test itself as well as the transportation costs. So I refused a hair follicle drug screening that was going to cost us $260 (130 each). Not to mention, they wanted us to drive 60 miles away to have it done and after the cost of gas and the babysitter for us to go have it done is added, it would have cost more than my husband makes on his entire paycheck. That refusal resulted in losing custody of my children for suspicion of drug use. The insanity doesn’t end there though. The people that CPS deemed to be fit and worthy of caring for my children (3 homes) have been convicted, collectively, of possession of a controlled substance, child abuse, and multiple DUIs. That aside, my 2 younger daughters have been placed with a man not only with a drug charge conviction, but who has a son who molested my older 2 girls. He is still having a relationship with the son and in doing so, putting my daughters at risk for sexual abuse. His daughter had two kids herself before turning 17. The first pregnancy was a result of him leaving a 17 and 18 year old boy in control of the daughter and his adoptive son while he and his wife went to the bar. They were playing truth or dare and when the girl was dared to perform oral sex on one of the boys they threatened and intimidated her until she agreed. Then she was ultimately raped. The next weekend the same scenario playing out, she was raped again by the other boy. As jaw dropping as that story is, the girl found out she was pregnant from the middle school nurse two weeks before her father found out from her pregnancy belly. The sad part is she was already 7 months along.
    When they took custody, my kids were at their grandparents’ house except for my infant son who was with me grocery shopping. The CPS is so sure that my children are in imminent danger they are needed to take custody from me, but they don’t wait for our return, and they don’t come back for another week. And when they did come back, they only needed to check on him. After a court hearing the following Monday, they sent deputies out to get possession of my son. I have been haunted for almost 8 months of the look on his little face when the cop took him from my arms. He was terrified and I was crying hysterically. FOR NOT BEING FINANCIALLY ABLE TO COMPLY WITH THE DEMANDS OF CPS. Feeling completely helpless, I still convinced myself that I had done nothing wrong and righteous would prevail. That once I was able to go to court, I would have my babies back. Those assurances set me up for the disappointment of a lifetime. I’m not sure how many court hearings they have had because I was not informed of court dates, I cannot defend myself against their claims because they have not told me what the allegations against me are, and although I have tried endlessly to work with CPS to get my kids back, I cannot even get a simple phone call returned. I have been to the office but no one will come out and speak with me and the secretary says I have to leave a message and wait for their call. They substantiated the allegations of abuse based on testimony from people who have not seen my kids in months or even years!!! No bruises, pictures of bruises, fractures or even old fractures. Just NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER!! And I wasn’t even given the opportunity to defend myself or even go to court for that matter. When I told the judge of not being informed of court dates the CPS worker said they didn’t have my address. The same people who found their way to my door to take my kids doesn’t have the address and the judge thought this was an acceptable answer. They’ve successfully kept me in the dark until February 23, and I was so ready because of all the research I had done. I was hopeful because every thing I had found said this was illegal. When I told the judge that Mississippi code requires that a physician testify of bodily harm before they can convict, we were given an evidentiary hearing and then moving to circuit court. No one said that they were going to be terminating my rights in circuit. I found this out today and that’s only a little more than 3 weeks away. Our financial situation hasn’t changed and so I couldn’t afford to hire one if I was able to find someone to represent me in the first place. I have reached rock bottom as they say, and this is my plea for help. Anyone who has legal advice, ideas for the next step, or even just words of encouragement maybe if you are like me and clueless. I’m pulling a blank. Everything I’ve ever done right is in those kids and stolen away from me. Everything beautiful and good has left. My whole validation of existence has been snatched away and I am innocent. I feel like the entire planet had all the air sucked away and I struggle to breathe….

    1. The first question that comes to my mind is why is there a no contact order? CPS only tend to do these in the event of severe abuse. With that said, I have to look at this as an unbiased party, so please do not think I am defending CPS; I am merely being objective. They should have explained why you have such an order, as you should also have a copy of the order. Sadly, I am by no means an attorney and therefore cannot offer legal assistance nor advice. Legally, they have to tell you when the court dates are. Failure to do so is a direct violation of your civil, and Constitutional rights. If you are seeking a journalist to cover this story, I can only do so if you are willing to provide any documentation you have; otherwise, I cannot assist in that department either.

  2. Linda Edwards here again, I live in Tulsa, OK, my grand kids are out of the state, California I think. And, as I said before, I didn’t get a chance to be heard in court or, was even talked to in regards to the children, I should have been given the chance to know something that this social worker malesha Lucus was doing with my grand kids.

  3. My grand son and, his girlfriend lost custody of their two children because of drug involvement, I am the baby’s great Grand mother, I was the next person to get custody of the children. On may 20th, in the court room the day my grand son signed off his rights to the baby he had by this women,the judge should have given both children to me,instead the cps worker of the children took it upon herself to give him to another couple. I was completely unaware of this. I think was a temporary adoption, not to be finalized until the next court date on October 30th -2015. I fully intended to contest the actions of this social worker. When I went to the court hearing October 30th, know one showed up for the hearing except for me and, my attorney. I couldn’t understand that. Another court date was set by the judge for April of 2016.I have a right to contest the temporary adoption, a woman spoke up in the court room, told the judge, she said, if we can find them you honner! I want my grand kids, I was excepted to be the next person to get them, I want to know why I didn’t and, why nothing concerning this other couple was even mentioned to me?that social worker just acted as if I didn’t exist. I don’t understand what happened here at all.what can I do if anything to undo that workers actions?

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