Facebook: selective rules

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Let’s face reality, the truth here. It is something we all have, currently, and will do. At some point, during your Facebook presence, you have made a report. Now, if you are like me, you have reported everything from hate groups, child exploitation groups, and your everyday bullies. Now, if you are like me, you have seen just how incompetent Facebook is.

I recall a group in particular that had been reported by dozens of people. The group was a well known pedophile ring that had apparently been operating right under our noses. Hard to believe, right? This group would take innocent pictures of children from various profiles and simply upload them to their page. Although this seems harmless, the comments were vulgar and highly sexual in nature.

I recall reporting the group only to get a reply from Facebook informing me no violations had been made. Keep in mind the graphic comments. Now, this is just one instance to which Facebook failed. Sadly, this was not the only account I had reported. This left Anons, activists, and myself questioning Facebook. Why had they allowed, on countless occasions, illegal groups to continue? Why do they act on fictitious and unreliable reports? Is Facebook promoting crime?

Over the years, I have seen activists silenced, anti-CPS pages come down, anti-Obama pages fall, all the while, these other groups remain. If anything can be determined from the actions, or lack there of, it is simply this: A mega corporation will only respond when it is in the best interest of itself. Let’s face reality.

We all know Facebook has been the subject of illegal monitoring and testing of users. We all know they have deep pockets when it comes to their political agendas; all of this has been brought to light over the years. For these reasons, and many more, Facebook has a hidden war on activists.

Granted, this is an opinionated article. No facts beyond my observations to enforce it. However, these observations have been made by various people who believe as I do.l; that is what makes them so damning. Feel free to comment, what are your thoughts regarding this?