Missouri vs the Tribal Nation II:A look into the stalker


Stalking, over the years, has become one of the most common crimes, in not only in America, but worldwide. Recently, I uploaded the horrid story regarding the legalized abduction of a young 16 year old girl. Her crime? Not returning the affections of a deranged 20 year old man. This article is based upon the evidence I have reviewed. Little is known about Mohammed’s past, aside he moved from Africa approx. nine years ago. However, even without this knowledge, much is known about his present.


Above, in yellow, is a text message sent from the man to the child’s mother. Not only does this indicate his mental stability (or lack thereof,) it shows him to be a sexual predator. As if the above is not bad enough, there is currently a restraining order against this man.


Now, keep in mind, the first image shows his potential of being a sexual predator. What does this mean for the one posted above? It means this man not only has potential, but has already acted upon it, forcing a child into sexual relations. So here is what we know thus far, there is a restraining order which he has violated, he has already confessed to raping a child, and yet he still walks.

To add salt to already existing injury, Mohammed has, as displayed below, been utilizing psychological abuse toward the child.


What we have here are more criminal offenses. First we have theft, second we have psychological abuse, and the already mentioned crimes above. This raises one question, why are the police protecting this man?

On several occasions, the family had reported this man for stalking. In turn, they were threatened by the St. Ann Mo. Police department. Rather than taking, what should had been serious accusations to heart, they removed the child upon request of the stalker. Now, as stated in my last article, the stalker was the one who called for the welfare checkIMG_20151030_205152



Above, is a text and a letter from the young victim. She clearly indicates her desire to keep this man away from her, even though he will not comply. In her letter ( her name blocked for her safety,) she states that she was taken against her will and kept in his home. Again, why are the police threatning the family while protecting him?

Mohammed, for whatever reason, is being protected by the police. Their lack of action against a man who raped, kidnapped, mentally abused, and much more, is appauling; furthermore, makes them equally guilty for these crimes. Are they protecting Mohammed because he is Muslim? Does he have police connections? This information is unknown at this time but I will continue my investigation into this matter.

Missouri vs the tribal nation

As you know, Ferguson was recently in the media due to issues with racism. Have they reformed? No. This story is one of utter horror. It involves a family, who are on the tribal roll, CPS, and the corruption of law enforcement. This story is one that defies all logic, rationality, and law.

It started when Rosemary, mother of a 16 year old located innapropriate photos on a cell phone. A 20 year old Muhammad Cisse of St. Ann, Mo. picked the girl up to take her to a friends house. However, that is not where she ended up. Instead, he drove her to a fitness center across county lines, and then to his home. Once there, he held the young girl against her will, even upon being asked to go home. While imprisoned, her family drastically searched and eventually found her. Muhammad, the abducter, called the police for a “welfare” check. Keep in mind, this man, as shown below, clearly had sexual relations with this minor.


Perhaps she needed a welfare check against him.


As if things could not get any worst, an official report, above, clearly confirms the abuse from Muhammad occured. To this day, against the familys’ wishes, the state has done nothing against these accusations. Instead, they removed the victim from her family, forcing her into isolation. Now, here is where more laws get disregarded.

The girl and her family are enrolled with an Indian tribe. What this means is, legally the state must turn the child over to the tribe. However, the state has willfully violated these laws.


Above, is a legal notice from the tribe to the state. Within this letter, they confirm that not only is the family tribal, they notify the state of the various laws being broken; Senators are currently being involved by the tribe. Beyond this, the state has refused to release the child.

This is a case of complexity and corruption in its purest form. This shows just how far the CPS/ DFS is willing to go for a quick buck. There is much more I can comment regarding this, with photographic evidence. However, for now, I hope this basic analysis works.