Police State America

Years ago I had made a very sad prediction as to the things to come. I look at the things that have happened since that time and it saddens me. The police, as it would seem, have now responded to petty crimes, and sometimes no crime at all, with lethal force. Now, this has brought forth a lot of issues. However, the big one that I hear mentioned on a daily basis just happens to be the race card. However, is it truly a racial issue? Although I can see how it could be taken as one, I don’t believe it to be truly a racial issue at all. Consider this: To keep a society at bay, or to invoke fear as a means of controlling the general public. After all, we can’t have the general public standing up against a pure, uncorrupted authority, now can we? Now, this could be a theory but this is not: America has a problem.

Recently, the police of NYC decided they weren’t  going to do anything… I mean anything less than the anything they were doing before. Basically this was going to prove just how much we need them. The results were interesting as crime dropped. Hmm, no police equals low crime. I think I can live with that. So with this protest epically failing, do we need the police? Well, if results like this are typical, the answer just might be no. This article is a bit random but these are just my late night thoughts. Feel free to share your thoughts, opinions, etc. on the recent situation.